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As Gene suspected, Finny came up with stuff to intentionally distract gene from studying since he is insecure that he would not be the star student if gene were to excel in academics.

image :
I had a chair with a guy sitting on a chair being pull by a rope and away from a book

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I always tried to make up things so that’ll help me distract Gene from studying, I knew that is gene got a higher marks then me I would no longer have as much fame and respect from other I get nowadays.

“I have to get him out of here, away from his books or my fame and popularity is as good as gone.”
My secret tells the reader how Finny has two sides to him, one being superior and the other being unforgiving and revengeful. Finny returns to Devon school to take revenge on Gene for pushing him off the tree which disables him from playing sports.

He decides to take revenge by splitting Gene apart from his friends just how Gene splits Finny from his dreams of taking part in the Olympics and joining the war. Finny convinces Gene to undertake the training to go to the Olympics and pulls Gene farther and farther away from his friends until Gene spends all his time with him. The picture I drew is of Finny looking into the mirror. The image formed in the mirror reveals his true identity which is evil and vengeful. I chose this secret because it depicts that every individual have good and bad qualities. Everyone has a down side to them.

My secret of Finny shows the reader that Finny is not perfect, he wants to be more popular then gene. Finny distracts Gene from his studies because he thinks that if Gene got high marks, then every one will respect him more and he will be more popular then Finny. Since Finny is now unable to play sports and show his great skills to everyone he will be forgotten and all his fame and glory will be gone. The picture I drew shows a person sitting on a chair with books in front of him. The chair is being pulled by someone to the other direction from the.

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