The Ocean Specific Purpose

To inform my audience about the ocean and the benefits the ocean has on us. Central Idea: We have not discovered a majority of the ocean and I wanted to share why we have not done that. To inform that the ocean is very valuable and that we need to spend more time on really discovering what is down there.


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l. The ocean covers more than 70% of the planet’s surface.

II. 95% percent remains unexplored, and unseen by the human eye.

Ill. Over one million plants and animals live in the ocean and 9 million have yet to be discovered.

IV. To share with my audience about why this is important to me and why I think that scientist should discover more. (Transition: Start by looking at a little research about the ocean)

l. Ocean exploration has been taking place to further discover what is in the ocean and the benefits the results are.

A. Ocean exploration will discover unusual and unexpected things including plants and sea creatures.

1 . Ocean exploration can help determine Earthquakes and Tsunamis.

2. Exploration can help with determining Earth’s climate and atmosphere and how it is being changed.

II. We have only discovered 5-7% of the ocean floor and actually half of the ocean itself.

A. More than 3000 floats go out every day collecting data, but mostly temperature data.

Ill. While doing research I discovered several different sea creatures that not everyone will know about.

A. Dumb Octopi was one of them it has giant elephant-like fins, and they hover over the darkness and can grow to 6 feet long.

B. My favorite one that I discovered was the Yeti Crab, it is a very hairy crab and can actually detoxify poisonous minerals in the water.

IV. We are Just now starting to evolve the technology for the ocean.

A. One sea exploration is the Sororities it is still in process of coming together.

B. The drug republic, found in sea sponges is effective in helping breast, colon, and urinary cancer.

1. Coral has been used for a skin graft to help heal quickly and cleanly

V. Shark attacks of course happen in the ocean

A. Shark attacks are actually less common than elephants, bees, crocodiles, and other natural reasons.

1. Shark attacks on average only have about 8-12 fatal deaths a year

VI. Scientist have classified around

1. Lion species

A. Fish can actually change sex throughout their life; other deep sea creatures often have both male and female organs. (Transition: into conclusion restate the introduction)

l. Today I shared very important facts about the ocean and the discoveries.

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