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Odysseus And Aeneas

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  • Pages 2
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    Odysseus and Aeneas are very alike in some ways and very different. They are both epic heroes except that one is Greek and the other is a Trojan. Odysseus is from the Greek tale The Oddessy, which was written by the famous Greek poet Homer. His quest is to find his way back home after a long journey. Aeneas is from the roman tale The Aenied, written by Virgil a famous Roman poet. Aeneas’s mission is to find a new home for him and his family. Both these characters had many similarities and differences in their ways of fighting.

    Both Odysseus and Aeneas were helped by different gods. Odysseus was helped by Calypso in a way. She held him captive, but was forced to release him from the father of all Greek gods,Zeus. Athena, goddess of wisdom, helped Odysseus find out whether or not Penelope still loved him, she disguised him to look like an old man so he could go into the town without people knowing who he was. He got help from the god of wind as well who helped him by giving him a bag of wind so he could sail back to Ithaca. Poseidon did not really help Odysseus, he was just trying to convince him that he was nothing without the gods.

    Aeneas was never held captive by any of the gods as was Odysseus. Aeneas got help from Venus (Goddess of love), his mother. She convinced him to stop fighting because she wanted him to rescue his family which was a lot more important. Jupiter also helped him because Aeneas’s wife told Jupiter that Aeneas was going to kill himself, so she wanted him to send Aeneas a sign telling him not to kill himself. Aeneas was going to do this because he found his father almost dead and decided to take his own life.

    Both of them are really great fighters, but they have differences in how they do things. Odysseus plans things out before he attacks and has a good plan as well. Aeneas however does not plan things out and just jumps right into things. They both use disguises though to fool the opponent, find out what they wanted to find, and get into a certain places undetected.

    I think that Odysseus is wiser than Aeneas because Aeneas is very impulsive and jumps into things without thinking about it first. Odysseus on the other hand plans things before and has a much better outcome. Both Aeneas and Odysseus are important epic heroes in both Greek and Roman literature. They both play an important role in The Oddessy and The Aenied.

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