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Analysis of Soliloquy “Ol’ Higue”

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The usage of Dialect is effectual because it ties in with the character. ‘the Socouyant’ . who is portion of our local ‘folklore’ . It besides adds temper to the otherwise serious verse form. because the poem trades with the affair of there ever being a ‘ Dark side’ to everyone.

Tone –1. Argumentative2. Pensive3. Arrogant

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Analysis of Soliloquy “Ol’ Higue”
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Mood-1. Contemplative2. Curious3. Offended

Subjects1. Dignity2. Folklore3. Pride4. Internal struggle

Drumhead‘Ol Higue’ is a soliloquy about a socouyant seeking to warrant her life style. She tells of all her labors and problems she faces but in the terminal it is worth it.

She punctuates the soliloquy formalizing her being by saying the psychological science behind it

Poetic Devicess

Contrast-The character uses rhetorical inquiries and so replies them. She farther alterations her punctuation in stanza 2. The contrast from inquiring to replying and short broken sentence to hanker fluid 1s shows non merely the alteration in her behaviour and signifier when she becomes the socouyant but besides emphasizes to the contrast between the ‘ol higue’ and that what keeps her alive.

a babe.

Rhetorical QuestionThe character asks ‘And who to blame- for the slaying inside your caput. ’ But before go oning the character intermission as though giving you clip for idea. This clip allows you to put yourself in the character show and makes you sympathize with her.

Irony-Lines 15-18 ‘of that pure blood running in new viens. ……………… tempting and old. dry-up adult females who been keeping he concluding note ………… . old ages. ’ This is dry because what is maintaining her alive and what she lusts over is what she. herself can ne’er be once more. a babe. Babies are guiltless and embraced while the ‘ol higue’ is considered to be evil and they are feared.

Hyperbole-Line 10 & A ; 11 “and holding to flex these old castanetss to number 1000 grains of rice” . Their isn’t literally a 1000 grains of rice on the floor but she says a 1000 to demo how much. Thinking about the length of clip it would take to number 1000 single grains of rice non merely would you be annoyed after but you would be even more determined to complete what you set out to make. This helps the reader to understand how much she wants the blood of a babe and what is deserving to her.

Run-on-linesThe full of stanza 2 is made up of 2 run-on-lines ‘and if only…………………running in new venas. singing the sweet ………………… for old ages and twelvemonth. ’ This is done to demo how drawn out her life has been. it besides add excess accent to continuity of holding to last of the babes blood. Which was the chief base of the stanza

Suspense –She persona existences with suspene by say ‘You think I like this stupidness- . ’ By making this you are instantly happen yourself in the center of an intense conversation with the ol higue. She keeps utilizing rhetorical inquiries and non reacting to go forth you believing and inquiring why does she truly do what she does. The suspense is to demo you how she feels about holding to take off her tegument and go forth it. non cognizing if she will come back to it being in salt and non being able to return to her human build.

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Analysis of Soliloquy “Ol’ Higue”. (2017, Jul 20). Retrieved from https://graduateway.com/ol-higue-essay-sample-4171/

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