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Oleana Essay, Research Paper

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The stoping of Oleanna could hold been prevented. I t didn Ts have to stop with John fring control. The narrative is based on miscommunication. Carol could hold told John from the beginning that she felt uncomfortable alternatively of traveling behind his dorsum and imperativeness charges. John is incorrect excessively for mistreating the power he had over Carol. John didn T loose it though until he found out Carol might be bear downing him with colza. We all know that he didn t attempt ravishing her so if the authorities redefined colza, Johns out burst would hold ne’er happened. All of the above could hold prevented the stoping of Oleanna.

Carol went to John s office to state him that she couldn T afford to neglect and that she has tried everything to seek to understand but she still can t. John understands her job and offers to give her an Angstrom for the term if she stops by his office more frequently and speak about what she doesn t understand. Carol asks why would you make this for me and he replies because I like you. Carol doesn Ts understand why he likes her and John tells her that he believes that possibly we re similar. Carol makes no suggestion of her feeling sexually harassed and that is when the job begins.

Carol sat there and listened to what John had to state. Most people when they feel uncomfortable they leave. Carol even made notes of words that made her experience sexually harassed such as He told me he had jobs with his married woman ; and that he wanted to take off the unreal stenosis of Teacher and Student. He put his weaponries around me. Carol did this out of choler. John merely mentioned jobs with his married woman after Carol asked him and he put his arm on her shoulder. It was asexual. She pressed charges because she was angry with John for mistreating his power as a instructor and non the fact that she felt sexually harassed. She even says, What I feel is irrelevant. Carol wants to change by reversal the state of affairs by giving herself power over John. She wants John to experience how she felt when she foremost came to see him.

Carol should hold told John that she didn Ts like the manner he was utilizing his power over her. John might hold non seen himself making this. He saw himself as assisting her. You would believe any pupil would be thankful if their professor would alter their class from neglecting to an A. John besides tried hiking her self-importance by stating her that she is non stupid. That she feels that she is stupid because her head tells her that. He understands that she needs aid and offers to travel over the work with her so she can understand. He feels that it s non her mistake she doesn t understand but his because he didn T make his occupation.

When Carol went to see John, John abused his power as a instructor. He was even

traveling to interrupt the regulations for Carol by giving her Angstrom when she didn t deserve 1. He besides under minded her by utilizing his big vocabulary that he knew that she wouldn t understand. He made Carol experience dense. John would speak of schooling as hazing and this slightly enraged Carol because she worked difficult to acquire into the University. John would besides cut Carol off whenever he felt like it. He didn T want Carol to state anyone that they would be run intoing together, entirely. We wont state anybody.

This angered Carol and caused her to desire retaliation. Carol tells John You. Make. Not. Have. The. Power. Did you misapply it? Person did. She did this non merely for herself but for others that would hold to be forced into covering with him mistreating his power. If John ne’er abused his power as a instructor and tried to understand where Carol was coming from, he would ne’er be in this quandary.

John lost control in the terminal. He fond out Carol might be bear downing him with attempted colza. They both knew that he didn T but harmonizing to the jurisprudence he did. When Carol tried to go forth his office, John pressed his organic structure into hers. John didn T happen out until he talked to Jerry on the phone. John asks Carol, What does this mean? Carol ignores this inquiry and answers, I thought you cognize. John is frustrated because he is traveling to free term of office over a prevarication. He is besides traveling to free the house he planned on purchasing so he took all his defeat out on Carol. If the jurisprudence redefined colza so John wouldn T have had that outburst.

Before Carol left John s office, Carol told John Don t name your married woman babe. This outraged John. Carol had no right to interfere with his conversation with his married woman. John has every right to name his married woman babe. John loves his married woman. Carol took everything off from John. His occupation, his house, his power and now she s stating him what he can state. This disturbs John so much that the lone power he has over Carol is physical force. He starts to crush Carol and after he lets out all of his aggression he knows that there is no manner out of the state of affairs he created. After all the efforts to hold Carol alter her head about the charges, he looses control and attacks her. Carol has merely proved herself right for John s errors.

The stoping of Oleanna could hold been prevented. The chief job with the narrative is they misunderstood each other. John wouldn T have lost it at the terminal if the accusals were true. They both knew everything in the study was true but the words had different significances. Carol blew up the state of affairs and that caused John to be even madder. John sees his life as over because he won t make term of office, he can t purchase that house and now he merely battered a pupil. This could hold been prevented if John didn T misapply his power and if Carol told John how she felt.

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