Othello and Reputation

Othello is tragedy written by William Shakespeare. that demonstrates the power and strength of repute. The drama describes how Othello and Desdemona effort to construct a life together. ignoring their difference in age and race. Although shortly after their matrimony. an covetous Iago uses cunning prevarications to undermine their one time healthy relationship. Reputation plays a critical function in this drama ; it enables or restricts certain characters. necessarily opening the doors to the tragic stoping.

Iago uses his repute for honestness to derive the trust of certain characters. merely to utilize it for dishonest intents. First Iago uses his honorable repute to pull strings Cassio. doing him to lose his place as Othello’s lieutenant. When Iago provinces. “ I know my monetary value. I am deserving no worse a place” ( I. I. 11 ) shows how Iago is covetous of Cassio’s place in the military. Giving Iago motivation to seek and acquire Cassio demoted. Second Othello is clouded by his undue trust towards Iago. leting Iago to convert him things that he would non normally believe.

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An illustration of Othello’s trust towards Iago is in ( I. I 12 ) . “This chaps of transcending honestness. ” It shows how Iago has Othello’s complete trust. which allows Iago to lead on Othello without being caught. In add-on. Iago once more uses his repute to successfully lie to Roderigo about his feelings towards Othello ; go forthing Roderigo to believe all of Iago’s actions are in his favor. An illustration of Iago deriving Roderigo’s trust is in act 1 scene 1 lines 43. which provinces. “I follow him to function my bend upon him. Here Iago is explicating to Roderigo about their common hatred towards Othello. and how they can both profit from it. Iago uses his honorable repute to pull strings and deceive others. doing unfortunate events that otherwise would non happen.

Similar to Iago. Othello’s repute of being a rigorous military general besides plays a large function in Desdemona’s decease and the result of the drama. An illustration would be when Iago informs Othello about how Desdemona is perpetrating adultery. I. I 12 ) “I will chop her into musss! Cheat on me! ” This shows how Othello is shocked and appalled about this information. In Act 2 Scene 2 line “For non did I hate but in honor. ” describes how Othello is unable to face Desdemona about this newfound information. Since as a military general facing a adult female about a job is morally and socially unacceptable. Leaving him no pick but to believe Iago’s lies.

Therefore. Othello’s inability to discourse with Desdemona about Iago’s claims indirectly depicted he result of the drama and Desdemona’s life. Unlike Iago and Othello. Cassio has a repute that varies throughout the drama leting other characters to utilize it to their advantage. When Cassio gets rummy. his repute for being a good honest lieutenant is lost. Since ( I. I 12 ) “Ill make the an illustration. ” shows Othello’s newfound deficiency of trust towards Cassio. hence leting Iago to easy convert Othello that Desdemona is perpetrating adultery with Cassio.

Again when Othello overhears Cassio and Iago discoursing Cassio and Bianca’s relationship. he impetuously assumes they are speaking about Desdemona due to Othello’s already negative image of Cassio. Cassio’s tarnished repute allows certain characters to pull strings the ideas and beliefs of others. ensuing in a big displacement in the relationships between characters. altering the result of the drama. The repute of characters depicts and fuels the narrative. necessarily taking to the gruesome stoping.

Without Iago’s honest repute. he would hold ne’er been able to convert Othello that Desdemona was perpetrating criminal conversation. In add-on Cassio’s diminished repute fuelled Iago’s prevarication about Desdemona. doing it easier for Othello to believe Iago. Finally. Othello’s high rank in the military restricted him from facing Desdemona about the possibility of an matter. which prevents the truth from emerging. All the characters in “Othello” have a certain repute. although it his how they choose to utilize them that decides the result of the narrative.

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