Parents Decision vs Child Decisions

On the one side, there are as many married couples as ever before getting a divorce and on the other side, more and more couples decide to marry because they want to spend the rest of their life together. The question is how important is marriage in our society and what role does it play to be married or not? For some couples being married has something romantic because it is a sign, a sheer bond that seems to promise endless love. From the view of catholic being married means to attest to god that you belong together and you will stay together the rest of your life in good and also in bad times till death depart you. The reason for young couples getting married is that they hope to get a guarantee for living a long life together and being happy till their end. I think if young couples decide to marry it is very important to know each other very well so maybe it would be a good idea to live together and to test their compatibility. Young married couples should have learned before the wedding how to make compromises and how to deal with arguments and problems. But what’s the reason for the increasing divorce rates?

A big reason for divorces is emancipation. Women who aren’t dependent on their husbands because they stand on their own two feet. It is very difficult for men to accept that women nowadays aren’t only there for raising the children, cooking the meals, and doing the whole housework. Women have become independent which gives them the freedom to resist being beaten or mistreated. Women nowadays are stronger and not as destitute and fragile as before. Another reason is that women often haven’t children because they want to make a career. If there aren’t children in a marriage, of course, it is much easier to get divorced and there is also a big danger of estrangement. If everyone wants to make a career it can easily happen that your contact becomes strange. Because having children weld together.

In my opinion, getting married is very special and everyone should only marry the man/ woman of his/ her life and this should keep alive long. Because you should think every day of your life again that this was the right decision!

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