Philippine Prehistory: Lessons from the Historical Past

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Throughout the hebdomads of this class. I’ve learned a batch more about the Philippines as a topographic point. every bit good as the people themselves and about the things they do. Before. I merely went with the stereotypes that everyone says about Filipino’s. they’re all short. they’re hapless. etc. In some instances. that remains true. but non for all of them out at that place. They besides seem to be more advanced in engineering than I thought they were. There is a batch more to the people. the state. the civilization and their rich history.

Some things I didn’t know about the Philippines were that they had established their ain authorship system before they had any contact or cognition about other people or linguistic communications in the universe. Baybayin or Alibata consisted of 14 consonants and 3 vowels. while utilizing points on the tops and undersides of characters to separate consonants with certain vowels and a cross beneath character which takes out the vowel. go forthing merely the consonant. They besides had engineering of tools. utilizing them to scratch the Baybayin composing into bamboo poles and making the Angono Petroglyphs and the Laguna Copperplate Inscription ( LCI ) .

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The LCI was found and nobody knew what it was. nor did anyone desire it. But it held of import information about how society was back so. The lettering was about the forgiveness of a debt. It was linked to several metropoliss that still exist now. The Angono Petroglyphs exist in a cave in the state of Rizal. They contain images on stone walls of animate beings and worlds that day of the month back to 3000 B. C. Now yearss. due to eroding of the walls and defacing of the walls. some images have become identical. Another thing about the Philippines that I didn’t know about was the Tabon adult male.

The Tabon adult male is reported the oldest known set of castanetss found in the Tabon Caves said to day of the month back 30. 000 old ages doing it the oldest remains found in the Philippines. Some besides believe it to be a adult female. Some geologic things I didn’t know about were that the Philippines have three subdivisions ; Palawan. Mindanao. and Visayas. Within these countries. there are over 100 different linguistic communications spoken. although the national linguistic communication is Filipino. In Mindanao. it is the topographic point where the Islam faith is most outstanding. It was introduced 100 old ages before Christianity.

The Philippines consist of 7. 100 Islands. but some of them merely being above sea degree in low tide. and under sea degrees in high tide. There are merely about 500 islands that are larger than 1 square stat mi and merely 800 of the 7. 100 are inhabited. The Philippines. as a whole. is about 194 times larger than Hawaii. There are two marked seasons. moisture and prohibitionist. where June – November is wet and December – March is dry. Manila is the Capital of the Philippines and the Philippines has the 2nd largest promenade in the universe. the Mall of Asia.

The Philippines is different than how I had looked at it before. and now I know more about their civilization and how they live. This history is of import because it shows where these people have been and where they are traveling. Although there might be some bad things throughout history here and at that place. it’s what brought the state to where it is now. This State has more to offer than what I antecedently had thought and in my eyes. it seems like a pretty nice topographic point to see or populate in.

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