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1. THE Dance

The vocal The Dance was written by Country Music star Garth Brooks in 1989. To Garth The

Dance has many significances, such as a love gone bad or life. He truly thinks that it is about the loss of the

people who gave up their life as an ultimate forfeit. Some of these people are John F. Kennedy and

Martin Luther King, Jr.

I chose this vocal because it is one of my favourites and the significance that it gives to the hearer.

The significance is that life is better left to populate and opportunity than to lose everything by non make anything or even


Throughout the song many of the poetic footings are used. The rhyme strategy that is used is that the

foremost poetry has no rime in it. The chorus, 2nd poetry and the ticket have the first two lines and the 2nd

two lines rhyme with each other. The tone that is displayed is sad but if the individual didn? Ts take a opportunity he

wouldn? T of had anything at all.

? The dance we shared? neath the stars above? shows the imagination of the

vocal. A metaphor is used in? I could hold missed the hurting but I? vitamin D of had to lose the dance. The dance is

mentioning to life and the hurting is where the individual ne’er lived or did anything at all. The line that is repeated,

or the chorus, is? I could hold missed the hurting but I? vitamin D of had to lose the dance. ? There are four stanzas

nowadays in the vocal. The temper that is given to the reader is sympathetic and/or empathic. Similes and

personification are non used.


The verse form Eldorado was written by Edgar Allan Poe on April 21, 1849. Eldorado was a? Golden

City? to the Spanish Conquistadors that they ne’er found. In the verse form the knight is looking for this particular

thing, and he travels all his life to happen it. The knight is really sad and ne’er finds what he is looking for.

Subsequently in the verse form he starts to decease ( it? s really later in his life ) . The knight happen

s a vision and asks it why he

can non happen what he is looking for. The vision tells him where it is and that it could be unapproachable if he

did non go on looking for it. The vision encourages the knight non to give up and to ever seek truly

hard to accomplish your ends.

I chose this verse form because it sounded cool. Once I analyzed it I truly liked the significance it gave:

to ne’er give up and to ever seek until you win.

This poem uses many of the poetic footings. The sequence AABCCB makes up the rime strategy.

The writer? s tone is a feeling of defeat and insufficiency in non happening his? gold? . The imagination is given

in dark and light. ? In sunlight and in shadow? which likely mean life and decease is a metaphor.

Eldorado which is thesomething particular or gold is besides a metaphor. The last line in every stanza are similar

and do up the chorus. Personification is represented with the shade ( shadow ) giving the knight advice in

how to happen his? gold? . The temper that the reader has is a supernatural feeling. It is besides fabulous because

Eldorado was a fabulous topographic point. Similes are non used in this verse form.

POETIC Footing

1.RHYME SCHEME- A regular form of riming words in a verse form.

2.TONE- The author? s attitude toward his or her capable, characters, or audience.

3.IMAGERY- Is the descriptive or nonliteral linguistic communication used in literature to make word images for the


4. METAPHOR- A figure of address in which one thing is spoken of as thogh it were something else.

5. SIMILE- A figure of address that makes a direct comparing between two topics utilizing either similar or as.

6. REFRAIN- A perennial line ora group of lines in a verse form or a vocal.

7. PERSONIFICATION- A figure of address in which a nonhuman topic is given human features.

8. STANZA- A group of lines in a verse form.

9. MOOD- Atmosphere, is the feeling created in the reader by a literary work or transition.

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