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Professional Footballer Hugo Sanchez Marquez

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Hugo Sanchez (1958)

It will be long until Mexican and Spanish soccer fans will ever forget Hugo Sanchez. He was one of the first Mexican soccer players to make a name for himself in Europe, he played in the Spanish league for Atletico Madrid, and Rayo Vallecano. And also in 1976 he played in the summer Olympics.

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Professional Footballer Hugo Sanchez Marquez
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He was born in Mexico City, Hugo Sanchez Marquez was fast to make his name. As a young soccer player, Hugo Sanchez managed to get into the ranks of the youth squads of the Mexican national soccer team playing in over 80 international games before he reached the age of 18 and he was eligible for a professional contract.

At this time, he was a valuable member of the Pumas youth club and he liked representing his country.

He scored no less than 234 goals in 347 matches in the Primera Division, two year later he became top scorer he began topping legendary Athletico Bilbao a striker Zarra, who had 251 goals in 279 matches.

Most of these goals were scored during his time with Real Madrid, where he even managed to win 4 consecutive Pichichi Spanish top goal scorer titles. His nickname was “Nino de Oro” “golden boy”.

Hugo already a player in Mexico, still had to prove himself in Europe, after the Spanish side Madrid bought him from the UNAM Pumas in 1981. His start in Spain wasn’t the best, as he needed 2 years to fully adapt himself to the new country and new playing style, before he got himself back to the form that made him the scarecrow of all Mexican goalkeepers.

After leading the Mexico national soccer team through the qualifying stages of the 1978 and 1994 World Cups, he also played in the 1986 World Cup hosted by Mexico they didn’t have to go through a qualification stage, with a first goal to reach the 2010 World Cup. He also got fired from as a coach of Mexico’s soccer team failing to qualify for Beijing.

Atlante F.C.

Atlante Futbol Club, also known as Atlante, is a Mexican professional football club,.

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