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Response to “Kate Chopin and American Realists” Essay

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By looking at “Kate Chopin and the American Realists,” readers are able to see that Kate Chopin had a contrasting views of women during the late 1800s, than many other authors such as Crane, Garland, Norris, and Dreiser. In American literature, women have been viewed from different aspects. Most of the authors believe that women just want to be wealthy; meaning that women would only have power if there is wealth and a man. On the other hand, Chopin idea’s were different; she believed that women should have their own independence and that money and sex is not power.

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Response to “Kate Chopin and American Realists”
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Furthermore, Per Seyersted’s work said, “ Kate Chopin concentrates mainly on the biological aspects of woman’s situation, while the other writers are more concerned with the socioeconomic forces shaping her life. ” The Awakening is divergent to Sister Carrie, Maggie, Rose and McTeague. By comparing those literary novels, readers are able to see that women tend to indulge in wealth, men, and materialistic goods, unlike Edna in The Awakening, who was able to avoid wealth and lived in pigeon house.

Per Seyersted’s work was able to say that Kate Chopin is different from other writers.

Chopin had six children and deceased spouse, which really affected her writing because she wrote more about independence and children than about wealth and men. Chopin’s work shows that women do not need to rely on materialistic goods or heroic man candy to have an exceptional life. Unlike many authors, Chopin did not use animalistic terms to describe a scenario in her story, “Norris, for example, whose theme in McTeague is how greed leads to murder, compares his her to an evil beast who takes a “panther leap” and kisses Trina, the heroine, “grossly, full on the mouth,” and who delights his wife and himself with biting her.

Though Chopin saw brute selfishness as the dominant principle of the world, she rarely used the imagery of man as a warring animal, she never attached anything brutish to physical passion. ” The other authors tend to show that men have animalistic, bulging, and beastly powers, but Chopin explains that a man does not have to be the prominent cure to a woman’s life. Even so, Chopin still mentions normal relationship actions.

From comparing all the books, “This is perhaps more surprising in Dreiser, who is otherwise so elaborate and who wants us to believe that Carrie is dangerously attracted to men, and in Norris, who made sex the main theme of his unfinished Vandover and the Brute. Garland is comparatively daring when he lets Rose feel desire and when he speaks of her “splendid curve of bust” but he allows her no more than a kiss on the hand.

The Awakening is suffused with sex, and we witness how Alcee arouse Edna and how she in turn sets Robert on fire with a voluptuous kiss. ” By comparing, readers notice realism and naturalism. Chopin had a realistic mind; The Awakening had such a different viewpoint that many people disagreed and hated her. Chopin’s realistic thoughts emphasized the concerns of women and their everyday problems, rather than making it a self-will like, an animalistic power for food, sex, and love (naturalist thought). Chopin was at least a decade ahead of her time. ” Chopin’s realistic mind allowed readers to see the reality of love which is the ups and downs between two people, rather than a usual fairytale. Chopin tells it as it is, she doesn’t make a story extraordinary with emotional and dramatic problems. Chopin “opened the door” for women’s rights and independence just like Hester in The Scarlet Letter. Also, historically, thirteen years later after The Awakening was written, the Nineteenth Amendment allowed for women to vote in America.

Reading through Kate Chopin and the American Realists, readers will be able to see that having a realistic mind shows that Chopin was a “sensitive, intelligent, and sees the different basic needs of the female. ” Being truthful, Per Seyersted noted that “Kate Chopin gave a more convincing picture than any other serious American novelist had done. ” In her works, Chopin emphasizes that whether they’re weak or strong, a nest maker or soaring bird, they are an individual and independent

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