Ants: Review of Related Literature Essay

Ants are widely distributed throughout the surface of the earth and their existence has a big role especially in the ecosystem. And they cover almost of the biomass of the earth’s surface. From a single worker to the queen of the ant colony have their own role so that there colony and also their specie will survive even in drastic environment. They are also noted for there discipline and distinctive behavior as a social insect. From caring the eggs the queen has produced to protecting the whole colony from the attacks of other colony and insects.

The relationship of these insect towards other insects is of both beneficial to each other or to the ants only. With regard to the relationship of the ants towards the human, most of the species of the ants are considered as pests of most people because of causing destruction to the properties and the stinging bites the insect has. On the other hand, ants are of great importance to the people because they are also some benefits the people can get from them.

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Ants: Review of Related Literature
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This include as a food, as medicine and as a natural cleaner of the environment. The social behavior of these insects has thought also many successful lords and kings of the past generations. And as of today, there behavior is of great importance to the people. With regard to the benefits and negative effects of the ants to the people, there is more benefits than those of negative effect. So the existence of these insect in the earth is of very importance not just to the people but also to every living thing that lives on earth.

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