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Rizal left Hong Kong on board of the Oceanic. an American soft-shell clam on his manner to Japan which was “The Land of Cherry Blossoms” . He arrived in Yokohama and stayed for one twenty-four hours in Grand Hotel. Then he went to Tokyo and stayed at the Tokyo Hotel. He stayed with Juan Perez Caballero after his invitation which was besides plotted by the Spaniards to supervise him. He agreed for twosome of grounds. foremost was conserving his life disbursals and the 2nd is that he has nil to conceal from them. He liked the state but has something that he despised. it’s the Rickshaw transit. He felt commiseration in the manner that adult male was being used as a Equus caballus. In Japan. Rizal met O-Sei-San who was a girl of a samurai who owned the shop Rizal visits. Rizal fell greatly in-love with O-Sei-San that he was tempted to go forth the Philippines and settle down in Japan. But because of his responsibility to the freedom of his homeland. Rizal left Japan through the ship Belgic which was traveling to the United States.

Chapter 14RIZAL IN AMERICA. 1888

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Through the soft-shell clam Belgic. Rizal arrived in San Francisco on April 28. 1888. Even though the Belgic was approved of holding no Cholera. it was non permitted to dock. The riders including Rizal were quarantined. After a hebdomad Rizal together with other first category riders were permitted to set down. But the Japanese and the Chinese and riders belonging to the 2nd and tierces category remained on board. Rizal stayed in the Palace Hotel while he was in San Francisco.

Then Rizal travelled across different topographic points like Oakland to his last halt which was New York City where he stayed for three yearss He left the United States for Liverpool. London on board the City of Rome. the 2nd largest ship in the universe. Like Japan. he liked America. But there is besides one thingthat he doesn’t. It’s the deficiency of true autonomy and racial equality between the “whites” and the “blacks” .

Chapter 15LIFE AND WORKS IN LONDON. ( 1888-89 )

He lived in London after docking in Liverpool. He stayed there for three grounds. foremost was to better his cognition of the English Language. second was to analyze and footnote Morga’s Sucesos de Las Islas Filipinas and last is that London was a safe topographic point for him to transport on his battle against Spanish Tyranny. Here in London. Rizal met Gertrude Beckett. He and Gertrude found love affair at each other. He besides met Dr. Rost which was one of the people who helped him in his survey in London. He received some intelligence from Philippines. some were good but largely bad. To foster his survey of Morga’s work. he visited Paris. there he met with Juan Luna and his married woman. Marcelo H. del Pilar. and Mariano Ponce. Rizal has a batch of plants created in London. he wrote some articles for the La Solidaridad which was founded by Lopez Jaena. He besides wrote some for Dr. Rost. He besides created some sculptures including the composite carvings of the three Beckett sisters. On March 19. 1889. Rizal left London.

Chapter 16IN GAY PARIS. 1889 – 90

After Rizal stayed in London. he moved to Paris. Seasonably there is an International Exposition being held at Paris. He met a batch of households like the Pardo de Taveras. the Venturas and even the Bousteads where he spent some clip with. Rizal met two lovely ladies. Nellie Boustead and Adelina Boustead which Rizal had a romantic relationship with.

Rizal in Paris founded two club/group which was the Kidlat Club and the Indios Bravos. He besides had some undertakings like the International Association of Filipinologist and the building of a modern Filipino college in Hong Kong in which Mr. Cunanan promised Rizal to give 40 1000 pesos as an initial capital.

Rizal got struggle with Antonio Luna who thought Rizal was in love with Nellie. They settled this with a affaire d’honneur. Fortunately everything was cleared out. Rizal besides tried to proposed to Adelina but fail because Adelina was non certain Rizl loved her because of his broken battle to Leonor Rivera. besides Rizal refused to accept the status that he will go a Protestant like her and last. Adelina’s female parent opposed the lucifer because Rizal was non rich plenty to back up a household in manner.

Chapter 17RIZAL IN BRUSSELS. 1890

Rizal went to populate in Brussels for two grounds. foremost was the cost of life in Paris was really high because of the international expounding and second was the homosexual societal life of the metropolis hampered his literary plants particularly the authorship of his 2nd fresh El Filibusterismo. He was really busy in Brussels. he concentrated in completing his work. He spent some clip in the medical clinic and besides in secondary school. He besides wrote some articles for the La Solidaridad. He besides wrote a verse form entitled “To My Muse” .

Again as we know Rizal. he met a bantam Suzanne Jacoby which he had romanced with. Suzanne was the niece of his land ladies. Like all the other adult females. She cried when he left toward the terminal of July. 1890 for Madrid. halting for a few yearss in Paris.

Rizal once more received some awful intelligence from place. With these go oning to his household. he was in desperation. he had some forebodings of his early decease. He wasn’t truly afraid to decease but all he wanted was to complete his work because no 1 would go on it. So he decided to travel home even with the warnings of his friends non to.

But all of a sudden something happened. the entreaty for the instance in Philippines lost but Paciano appealed to the Supreme Court in Spain. So Rizal went to Madrid to oversee the Case.

Chapter 18Disappointments IN MADRID. 1890 – 91

Rizal went to Madrid to seek justness for his household. He was accompanied by M. H. del Pilar as their attorney. Rizal tried his best to seek some aid from different people and organisations. But overall. he failed.

Again Rizal received some more distressing intelligence from Philippines. it was stated that his household was ejected from their places and were populating with Narcisa.

Another letdown was the decease of Jose Ma. Panganiban who was Rizal’s talented friend and colleague in the propaganda. He besides received a missive which states that Leonor Rivera will be married to another adult male. Many bad thing happened in Madrid for Rizal. things became worst when he had a competition between M. H. del Pilar for they were rivals for the election. Rizal decided to renounce his running for leading and went back to Brussels to complete his 2nd novel.

Chapter 19El Filibusterismo Published in Ghent ( 1891 )

When Rizal eventually finished the El Filibusterismo after three old ages. he decided to travel to Ghent where in the printing cost was cheaper and besides to get away from Suzanne which possibly was acquiring on his nervousnesss. He travelled with Jose Alejandro and they economized their life.

The printing was on installment footing because Rizal doesn’t have much money. He did everything he could to hold the money to complete the printing of the El Filibusterismo. Again same with the last novel. he about destroyed the original manuscript because of defeats. But fortunately. Rizal’s friend Valentin Ventura heard of his quandary and offered to give a manus. He gave Rizal adequate money to complete the printing. He was the Hero of “El Fili” and Rizal was really thankful to him. Rizal thanked him and gave him the original manuscript with Rizal’s autograph.

After the 2nd novel. Rizal planned to hold a 3rd 1. He failed with it along with other novels he tried to compose. There were so many. some even with no rubrics yet. Some were in Tagalog but he didn’t complete it because of the insufficiency of his cognition in Tagalog linguistic communication.

Chapter 20IN HONGKONG. 1891-92

After the publication of El Filibusterismo. Rizal left Europe and lived in Hong Kong because life was intolerable in Europe due to his political differences with M. H. del Pilar and other Filipinos in Spain and to take the propaganda motion in Hong Kong and last was to be near his beloved Philippines and household.

In this clip. Rizal continues to analyze and pattern his medical profession. He was praised and congratulated by a batch of people. He besides wrote a batch of things while he was in Hong Kong. Some were for the propaganda motion in acquiring autonomy from the Spaniards.

Rizal decided to travel to Manila. It was because he wants to confabulate with Governor Despujol sing his Borneo colonisation undertaking and to set up the Liga Filipina in Manila and to turn out that Eduardo de Lete was incorrect in assailing him in Madrid that Rizal. being comfy and safe in Hong Kong had abandoned the country’s cause.


Rizal arrived in Manila with his sister Lucia. He instantly did what he needed in order to hold a conference with Gen. Despujol. He had several meetings with him and made him hold to excuse his male parent and sisters. Rizal besides visited some of his friends which were raided by the Guardia Civil after his visit. He besides founded the Liga which were a group of nationalist Filipinos assisting the cause of freedom.

During one of Rizal’s visit to Gen. Despujol. he was shown some cusps that were some kind of onslaught to the Spanish mendicants that were said to be found in his sister’s pillow instance. Even though Rizal denied the accusals. he was still placed under apprehension. He was sent to Fort Santiago escorted by the nephew of the general.

After some clip. it was decided that Rizal will be exiled to Dapitan. He departed though a heavy restrained soft-shell clam called “Cebu” under Captain Delgras. Rizal arrived in Dapitan and started his alone expatriate for four old ages.

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