Rose – A symbol of humanity

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Rose – A symbol of humanity.

Rose holds a soft corner in human hearts since the dawn of time. History reveals- rose dwelled even before 35 million years and even the ancient Egyptian tombs bear evidence of   petrified rose wraths. Rose symbolizes a variety of emotions; it epitomizes beauty, love, passion, art, inspiration, friendship, and even condolence. It had always been revered and celebrated more than any flower. Its ancient lineage has intricately twined it to our culture and society.

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Rose beholds a varied social motifs, it holds a symbolic value in many national emblems. Innumerable political factions, business and international events had widely accepted it. It is widely used as symbol for parties categorized under socialism and social-democracy. A bouquet of white roses and a bouquet of red roses given together symbolize Unity.

There is something very versatile about the beauty of rose. This beautiful, elegant and romantic bloom comes in many vivid and pastel colorings. At the very appearance this flower conveys one’s deepest feelings, be it passion, gratitude or apology. Just a rose has the power to end every tiff.  It is significant in various forms; a long stemmed rose offers deep love, a bunch of rose in a corner of a room creates an aura of freshness, rose oil adds an aromatic flavor to the delicacies and to add on scatter petals on the dining table making it look pretty, though scattering petals on bed depicts a romantic gesture. Valentines Day today has provided this flower a huge commercial acclamation. Nothing beats red roses on this day. It’s the most appraised and awaited gift an individual presents his beloved.

Uses of rose is not confined to romantic boundaries, rose water and rose oil made out of rose extracts also has a demand in the market,. Both the oil and water are used in daily beauty regime as well as for preparing different delicacies. Rose water for eyes is incomparable as a coolant and has a refreshing effect. The aromatic quality of rose oil also adds charm to every corner of a room. Rose petals in a powdered form add a distinct flavor to deserts and spicy delicacies. Even while tying knots a wedding gets enriched at the presence of roses all around proclaiming love to strengthen the ties. Not to forget the perfume of this magical flower is enough to create passion and romance in any environment. Commercially rose provides wide economic assistance to the florists, perfume industries, cosmetic industries, medical industries, home décor industries and horticulturists. Thus, it plays a wide commercial role since the advent of human race and is still bestowing its charisma.

Rose can be considered to be a social boon. Being human we not only live for food but a major concern rules our lives making it worth while- its Love and emotional bonding that we try to persist all through life. Flowers had always played the pivotal role in pampering love in everyday life. Rose holds the top most position in this hierarchy. An offer of rose is enough to lead to success on proposing Love, and then a series of emotions are conveyed every time a different colored rose is presented. And thus the freshness of love persists till life sustains. Rose and romance are synonymous.

Even online flower delivery has gained immense popularity. Apart from the romantic aspect roses are also a visionary treat. One cannot help but appreciate nature for this charm. The presence of flower brings freshness to prolonged illness. Roses in shades of light pastel colors are highly soothing to eyes and provide serenity and relief to the sick.  A gift of roses makes one feel cared for. It creates a sense of belongingness. Such is the charisma of this eternal flower.

This perennial shrub, in spite of its thorns has a universal appeal. Rose eases depression, refreshes memory and inspires sociability. Today at every occasion people gift flowers and especially roses to demonstrate intimacy, gratitude, concern, empathy and surely love. Roses are a bouquet of feelings, love, purity, innocence, enthusiasm, desire, beauty, happiness, gratitude, appreciation, sociability, friendship and many such other virtues. In Spite of conveying deep emotions, roses are widely regarded as unmistakable expression of love and desire. Apart from its commercial importance, the human concern associated with roses, makes it a crowned favorite among all loving hearts.


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