Same Sex Marriage Essay

September 21, 2009
`Marriage is a social and legal institution and customs may differ from culture to culture. The ideal marriage in most countries is between a man and woman. Marriage is something most people desire but it’s not a duty. The couple doesnot necessarily need to be of the opposite sex,the love the couple have for one another matters most.`
Marriage is different from casual sex and cohabitation.
Homosexuality is not a lifestyle that is easily accepted. I feel that one’s lifestyle is a personal choice.

If one does not agree with one’s lifestyle, then one should change their focus. A homosexual couples in most cases have a sincere commitment between one another if they desire marriage. Homosexuals are entitled to marriage and should be treated no differently then heterosexuals.
Not allowing same sex couples to marry is denying the human rights. The fourteenth amendment grants you equality and denial of same-sex marriage violates the fourteenth amendment.

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Same Sex Marriage
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Limiting same sex couples rights violates individual liberty and equality under law. The right to marry means little, if it does not include the right to marry a person of your choice.
` Homosexuals areunable to create a family of theirown; butthey can do so with the option of adoption. There are a lot of children that will be just as happy as if they were withheterosexual couples. I believethat a same sex couple would do a much better job at parenting. I say that because they actually want the child, it’s something they could have prevented if they didn’t want children. In addition parenting would be somewhat of a challenge because you have so many others against you. With that said it will actually motivate same sex couples to do a better job at parenting because so many others expect an opposite outcome. In conclusion marriage is very important societal organization that should be treated as one, and the discrimination against homosexuals needs to be put to an.

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