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There have been many great events in the history of mankinds time on this planet. We have gone from primates to space travelers. But many events took place before the first rocket was launched. Empires rose and fell, entire civilizations collapsed and new religions were introduced. Aristotles shocking discoveries held everyone spellbound. Then came the Dark Ages. A period of religion, and not much else. The world quietly cried out for a change. Eventually the people of Europe heard an answer. It came in many forms. From Copernicus poorly received theory on the role of the sun in our ever expanding universe, to Galileos physical proof of that theory. The Middle Ages brought scientists and mathematicians to the surface of intellectual circles. At first their views were not tolerated, never mind accepted. People had embraced the church so passionately that anything other that what the church believed to uphold in accordance to the bibles teachings was considered hearsay, an act punishable by death. Many great people died at the stake, people who may have altered the way that we think of things to this day. With every hearsay convict there was one who slipped through the tight fist of the church. Ideas flourished among the intellectuals of society. Many published their work in languages that could only be read by the educated, in an effort to shield themselves form the sentencing that the church was passing along to men who dedicated their lives to science.

It was not only science that blossomed in this time of great change. New, idealistic, thinkers emerged and began to spread their views over all of Europe. These men had answers for everything. They could provide an opinion on any subject, and would be glad to do so. From new social economic systems to abstract thoughts on existence, there was no subject left unturned in their wake.

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Was this period of revolution induced as an act of rebellion against the Roman Catholic Church? Perhaps. At any rate, the thinkers that rose out of the ashes of the Dark Ages set precedence for generations to follow. Could we have comprehended zero gravity without Newton? Could we have understood the concept of space travel without the aid of men like Copernicus and Galileo charting the new frontier of space? Would revolutions in France and America have occurred without the provocative thoughts of Voltaire and Paine? Mankind is a great accomplishment. We have evolved into a society of great modern day thinkers who challenge traditional notions. We are a global community that is freer to accept new ideas than any other point in history. By confronting the ideas of our forefathers, we are sure to produce those who our own era can be proud to call enlightened thinkersBibliography:n/a- opinion papper

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