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Short Story The Walrus-Fable

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The Walrus-Fable

The fable about the walruses gives a distinctive approach on what really happens especially in one’s work place. There are a few barriers of communication that are evident from this short interesting story of the walrus, lets look at some of them.

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Short Story The Walrus-Fable
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Barriers to communication:

Highly noticeable is that Basil the walrus couldn’t communicate the changing situations in the herd, although not his fault, neither did the other smaller walruses gather enough courage to let the older wiser walrus known of the situation among them.

There were a lot of changes that took place in the herd, like a new herd invaded the area that was being occupied by the smaller walruses. Partly because they were wary of the big old walrus, which is a common mistake that smaller new ones make. At every incident like the receding waters, the dwindling herrings in the area and the invasion of their space, the smaller walruses did have the opportunity to inform the older walrus.

It’s probably since the older walrus extruded authority and was their boss, that they found it difficult to approach him fearing an outburst.

Communication lessons at a new workplace:

This is also a common situation that can be noticed in ones new workplace. If someone has newly joined an organisation, firstly he is either too shy to walk up to his boss and inform him about the issues that he probably faces. A new comer will never gather enough courage to walk to his superior and try and get proper guidance that will help him overcome any kind of sticky situation that he is in. Just like the walruses, it is very easy to pick a representative who will not really talk about the real mess, but possibly fluff up the issue, make it rosy, and present it to his leader in a neat package. The leader is obviously unaware of the reality, had he know about it, although he would show disgust he would definitely come up with a solution that would help the workers and the organisation as a whole.

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