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Should Parents Be Responsible If Their Under Age Child Commits a Crime



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    Parents, they’re there for you from the day you’re born. But can only do so much as we get older we start to take responsibility for ourselves instead of passing it on to our parents. The age of criminal responsibility is 10 but this does not mean that when a child under that age commits a crime it is the parents fault. Children look up to their parents and learn from them but in the case of James Bulger who was murdered by 2 young boys at the age of 10, Jon Venables and Robert Thompson these boy’s obviously didn’t see this behaviour from their parents but what they learned and saw in the family home might explain such behaviour.

    Both boys came from broken homes. Thomson grew up in a house with 6 brothers and sisters where there was evidence of violent relationships between them. An author Blake Morrison obtained a case study from the NSPCC of the Thompson family home which quotes. “The boys, it’s said, grew up ‘afraid of each other’. They bit, hammered, battered, tortured each other. ” Surprisingly it was Jon Venables who had the record of violence, the boy that came from the home with the well presented mother who was at court everyday where on the other hand Thompsons mother was rarely seen which then she was slated as not being their for her child.

    Like everything society plays a massive role and i believe that these boys learned a lot in the street as there mothers ‘wasn’t there’ for them and i would blame society more so for their behaviour than i would parents. Venable and Thompson came from families which would be classed low along the socioeconomic spectrum, and the question is being asked is it the parents fault? Whenever a child or a teenager from a higher class commits a murder that question is never asked because money and class is involved.

    On the other hand children this young is very vulnerable and easily led, therefore they could be committing crimes to try and fit in with a gang or peer pressure from the streets. Children today learn so much from a young age and are growing up before their time, I think it is unfair because they aren’t getting to experience a childhood when they’re committing crime and carrying weapons from the age ‘11 and under’. But this is the way society is today children are too interested in playing video games than football.

    Video games i believe play a massive part in how a child behaves, and the responsibility is down to the parents because they buy it for the child. Children then think and act like the characters in the game while they are playing with there friends. For example call of duty the war game; children will act this out on the street or at school and put on the accent. This is not right for children because they are being exposed to violence, weapons and murder at such a young age.

    And the parents i believe are doing this damage they are allowing their children to play it and are buying it for them. The behaviour they are learning from these games they are practicing on the street. So to a degree parents are responsible for the behaviour of their children. Parents can do everything for their child; give them all the attention and love they can, spoil them and give them a good upbringing. But this does not mean that they are going to grow up to be a model child.

    Even though majority of killers come from a broke home or will have a lot of baggage they still committed the crime therefore the parents cannot take the blame. When a child commits a crime the parents are being punished enough in the media and in the streets. Lot of the have to move away from their family home and get new identities this is punishment enough as they didn’t do anything wrong, but try and bring up their child to the best of their abilities.

    Children which commit crimes are more than likely be known to social services, but are still under their parent’s supervision and care. Children that also come from a single parent family are ‘nine times more likely to commit crimes. I agree with this fact because here isn’t enough stability in the home, when children are surrounded by fighting or abuse they sometimes see it as being there fault and will ‘hate the world’ and taking it out on everyone else and especially in school.

    They will behave badly to teachers, may bully and homework won’t always be completed. I believe that when a family are involved in social services its a circle that’s hard to be broken, for example a child is took into care the mother will more than likely have been involved with social services when she was younger. ‘A poll being carried out at the minute in America is asking should parents be blamed when a child commits a crime; 53% voted yes and 47% no. ’

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