Social Reconstructionism Is the Best System of Education

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This essay talks about my background and why I came to have the belief system that I have which that of Reconstructionism. Social reconstructionism is the philosophy that emphasizes the addressing of social questions and a quest to create a better society and worldwide democracy. It also involves criticism of our current school system and what I would ideally change to form what I believe to be the best fundamental education system. Keywords: Education, Society, Philosophy I was always baffled by the idea that some people know what profession they want to pursue from a very young age.

I felt like I was lacking for not being able identify something I was undeniably good at and pursuing it and that caused me to be in a state of distress. Since the age of twelve I had been feeling this indescribable pressure that made my heart stop, it was like a cycle where I couldn’t get myself to do anything for my future because I didn’t think I could ever get anywhere regardless. I could never relate to anyone and I had always seemed to be the “odd one out” especially in school environments, I loved to learn but I didn’t like going to school. Every day was a struggle to convince myself to go to school and my parents tried to encourage me to be excited about it, insisting that this experience would prepare me for the future, that it’s better to be different in life but I couldn’t believe them due to my past experiences. For a long time, I felt useless I wanted to do so much, but I didn’t think I was very good at anything. I would constantly ponder the thought of “what is my purpose in life”.

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A funny thing that happened and even though it sounds straight out of a movie it is real occurrence. One day I was having an anxiety attack and I decided to go on a walk to calm myself down as I was walking I look down and I find a book on the floor, I take a closer look and it reads “Human Development” and it peeked my interest, as I started reading it I got so involved that my anxiety went away and that day I had an epiphany; Maybe I wanted to be an educator. The education Philosophy to which I can relate to the most is Social Reconstructionism which is “A view of education to improve a quality of life, to reduce the chances of conflict, and to create a humane world” according to Sadker, D. M in “Teachers, Schools, and Society.” George S. Counts and Bell Hooks were the greatest influencers in this movement.

The reason why I identify the most with this major education philosophy is because I truly believe that through Education we can change our world for the better Claudio Naranjo once said “We have the world we have because we have the education we have” I couldn’t agree more, The education we have now is outdated, the school system we have now is the same one we had 150 years ago we have evolved greatly, our technology has evolved but our means of passing on information and our way of instruction is still the same, sure there has been some evolution but the basis hasn’t changed and it really needs to. My ideal classroom involves a place where I can accommodate teaching for all types of learners (V.A.R.K) and my ideal school is a place for everyone to feel welcome and included, where there are programs that favor everybody, and the instructors are working towards teaching students how to think instead of how to test well. It will be a place where every person can succeed and express themselves creatively.

All in all, my thoughts are that even though our education system has improved over time we still have a long way to go. We can’t try to fit round pegs in square wholes, every person differs greatly between one another, and our education should reflect and embrace that fact.


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