Solar Power Oven

This background research paper will be about Solar power. Some questions that will answered will be how the sun rays get from the Sun to Earth. You will also learn about how foil heats up so fast. Another thing you will learn about is where Solar power is used the most in the world. The last thing is that you will know who invited Solar Power. Keep reading to know more.

Did you know that it takes only eight seconds for a sunbeam to reach from the Sun to Earth? It also takes approximately two more seconds for the sun beams to reach solar panels. Solar panels work when sunbeams get captured and get turned into electricity to use for our houses, buildings, schools, and works. Also the solar panels that we use can have up to Two hundred fifty watt capacities. Solar panels do not have to have direct sunlight to be able to work. The panels just get more energy from the direct sunlight.

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Another thing that you might not know is that in order for solar panels in the United States to get power they have to be facing south. When the sun is not shining outside you will still have power because when the the sun is shining really bright the panels collect a lot of power. Also there is a battery that can be hooked up to the building that has enough energy in it to power the place for a long period of time. Although you can use a battery a lot of people now that have solar power system are already hooked up to the city’s power line in case of the solar panels not getting enough sunlight.

A lot of people do not realize that we can use solar power for so many things. Most calculators are solar powered, and that can be an everyday item for some people. Another often used solar power item that are used are landscape lighting. Landscape lighting can be a more efficient way to have light outside than having to buy a pack of batteries and having to keep refilling it. An item that not a lot of people know about, but that would be better for our environment could be solar powered watches. The reason that it could be more efficient could be so you do not have to worry about a bunch of cords lying around you can just leave it out in the sun for an hour and it will be fully charged.

Over one hundred seventy three thousand terawatts of solar power contacts with the Earth fluently.

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