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Symbols V for Vendetta

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Throughout James McTeigues film V for Vendetta numerous symbols are used to represent something. The use of the symbols the Guy Fawkes mask and media helped me to remember a key idea. A significant symbol from V for Vendetta that helped me remember a key idea was the Guy Fawkes mask. The mask plays a big part in the film as portraying V as an idea and not a person as viewers never see his face. V being the idea is shown in the opening scene of the movie when it is switching between Evey and V getting ready and V puts on the mask, this shows us, the audience, that V is concealing his identity behind the mask thus becoming the idea itself.

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Symbols V for Vendetta
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The effect this scene had to help me remember the mask being an idea was because V was carrying on Guy Fawkes mission of revenge and rebellion against an unfair or fascist government so when V put the mask on he embodied everything that Guy Fawkes stood for.

Another scene that shows the mask portraying an idea is in the closing scene where all the people are watching the destruction a Parliament and everyone is wearing a Guy Fawkes mask, this tells us the viewers that V was successful in becoming the idea through the mask because no one really knew his true identity. And by everyone wearing the mask they are carrying on his idea.

This scene helped me to further remember the idea by, when everyone put the mask on, the mask representing V’s idea, the people were uniting together and fighting as one to carry on the idea and make it successful which was V’s intent. Towards the end of the film V refers to himself as being an idea and say that ‘ideas are bulletproof’. In society today the Guy Fawkes mask is known as a symbol of rebellion this is shown during the 2011 Egyptian Revolution when everyone wore Guy Fawkes masks, then uniting as one and becoming the idea of rebelling and starting a revolution against an unjust government.

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