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Throughout the film V for Vendetta, various symbols are utilized to convey a message. One prominent symbol is the Guy Fawkes mask, which serves as a reminder of a significant concept. In V for Vendetta, the mask holds great importance as it represents V as an idea rather than an individual; his face remains unseen by the viewers. This symbolism becomes apparent in the movie’s opening scene, where we witness a sequence of Evey and V preparing themselves. As V puts on the mask, the audience realizes that he is concealing his true identity beneath it, effectively becoming the embodiment of the idea itself.

The scene in which V puts on the Guy Fawkes mask exemplifies the idea of the mask representing something more than just a physical object. This is because V, in his quest for revenge and rebellion against an unjust government, embodies the values and ideals that Guy Fawkes stood for. Another scene that further reinforces this notion is the closing scene, where people are seen wearing Guy Fawkes masks while watching the destruction of Parliament. This scene signifies that V has successfully become the embodiment of the idea symbolized by the mask, as his true identity remains unknown to all. Furthermore, the act of everyone wearing the mask serves to carry on and perpetuate his ideology.

This scene serves as a strong reminder of V’s idea. When everyone dons the mask, symbolizing V’s idea, they come together and fight as a unified force to ensure its success, aligning with V’s original intentions. By the film’s end, V refers to himself as an idea and declares that “ideas are bulletproof.” In contemporary society, the Guy Fawkes mask has become synonymous with rebellion. This is demonstrated during the 2011 Egyptian Revolution when individuals wore Guy Fawkes masks, unifying as a collective and embodying the idea of rebelling against an unjust government to instigate a revolution.

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