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Spud Book Review Essay

1) In your own words what has happened in the book? Retell the major details of the story's plot so far after reading each chapter.

The first few chapters tell the reader about Spud, and the beginning of her life. Spud is a blue heeler and she's been bred to live on a farm and muster cattle. Unfortunately...

Book Analysis: Deniro’s Game Essay

Deniro’s Game is a work of fiction about treachery, guilt and vengeance in the war-torn city of Beirut. It is the story of Bassam and George, best friends who grow up to become more independent as a result of the different incidents that take place throughout the novel. As ten thousand bombs land on Beirut...

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When I Was Puerto Rican Book Report Essay

Esmeralda Santiago's When I Was Puerto Rican focuses on island life in the 1950s. In the immediate period leading up to the 1950s, Puerto Rico experienced a rapid change in the economic situation of the island. The island began to change from a primarily agricultural economy to one dominated by industry and...

Book Report on Pa Chins `Family` Essay

Pa Chin’s Family is one of the most celebrated Chinese novels which continue to be of great significance even now. This literary work shows how history and cultural exploration can be embedded in a fictional piece. The story of the four generations of the Kao family explores how powerful tradition is. As...

Enrique’s Journey Essay

Enrique’s Journey, as the book cover sums up is “the story of a boy’s dangerous odyssey to reunite with his mother. ” It is a gripping and distressing tale about the horrific voyages immigrants risk trying to find a better life for themselves and their families. The book revolves largely around a lone child...

Book Report: Man’s searching for Meaning Essay

Viktor Frankl’s novel entitled “Man’s searching for Meaning” is a depiction of social reality in a sensuous perspective coming from the bases of psychological theories and point of views. The author and the narrator of the story is the same. Frankl discussed his experiences while he is in the camp during the...

Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap… and Others Don’t By Jim Collins Essay

Can you identify one company that had changed from being good to being great around you? Jim Collins, the author of Good to Great, is a student and teacher of enduring great companies. In order to make this book, Mr. Collins started his research with 1,435 good companies. Then, he examined their performance...

Explanatory Response on the book by Kiran Desai “The Inheritance of Loss” Essay

The quote from the chapter 1 of the book by Kiran Desai “The Inheritance of Loss” is an interesting example for a literary analysis as such due to its rich language, and even more so due to the fact that it constitutes an opening passage of the novel. Indeed, on one hand this passage exemplifies in an...

Flags of Our Fathers Essay

The book, Flags of Our Fathers, was written by James Bradley the son of Jack Bradley one of the people who the book is written about. It is written about the six flag raisers at Iwo Jima. It starts with James Bradley and some of the other Bradley family getting to visit Iwo Jima after their father and...

Roxanne L. Euben Enemy in the Mirror Essay

In a preface to the book, Euben clearly delineated two research questions underlying the whole study. First, the author analyzed the crisis of “secular liberal democracies” on the example of the United States with its voter absenteeism and decrease of active citizenship within the context of...

The Lovely Bones Book Report Essay

For my book of the month I chose to read The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold. The book was an amazing experience because it was very exciting, it drew wonderful pictures in my mind. This book was heartfelt, but yet at times it was funny. this book had a great message and i enjoyed reading it. The characters in...

Book Review of Literacies of Power: What Americans Are Not Allowed to Know by Donaldo Macedo Essay

In Literacies of Power, Donaldo Macedo basically contends that schools and the media in the US are being used as institutional mechanisms to prevent independent critical thought and impede the dissemination of truth and knowledge. The famous example given in this book is the case of David Spritzler, a...

Ender’s Game Essay

In our everyday life, we make decisions, which might change the world we live in. However, each decision we make has an impact on our life and is therefore important. Each time we choose one thing over another, we draw from our previous knowledge to make the best choice we can . In this book Ender’s Game by...

Cirque Du Freak: Book Report Essay

“The freak show was all I could think about that night. I tried forgetting it but I couldn’t, not even when I was watching my favorite TV shows. It sounded so weird: a snake-boy, a wolf-man, a performing spider. I was especially excited by the spider…. ,” –Darren Shan. In the book Cirque du Freak by Darren...

Ruins of Gorlan-Opinion Essay

The Ruins of Gorlan is first part of the book “Ranger’s Apprentice” and in this part of the book, you meet characters and you learn about their personalities. Will, main character of the book is a ward at Redmont Castle and he hopes that he will become a knight, but because he is too small he wasn’t suitable...

Diary of a Wimpy Kid Essay

The story is about a boy named Greg Heffley. Greg is having an ultimate summer fantasy of his life, but Greg is only spending his whole summer just playing video games inside his house with lights turned off. Soon he recognizes that summer would be fun. The main character for this story is Greg Heffley....

Things Fall Apart”, Chinua Achebe. Novel Essay

Things Fall Apart", Chinua Achebe. Novel

Things Fall Apart is an English language novel written by Nigerian Author Chinua Achebe in 1958. The book is a favorite in African schools and is widely studied and read in countries that speak English. The title of the novel is derived from William Butler’s poem...

Summary of “The World Without Us” by Alan Weisman Essay

Summary of “The World Without Us” by Alan Weisman
            The concept of the supposed total destruction of human race has undeniably gained significance especially if the apparent environment-related issues are to be considered. The view or implied fact that it is people themselves who caused such kind...

The Post American World Book Review Essay

The Post American World Book Review
The world’s tallest building can be found in Taipei and soon the one being built in Dubai will overtake it. London is becoming the leading financial center and the United Arab Emirates now houses the most richly endowed investment fund. The largest Ferris...

The Plague Reflection Essay

The Plague Reflection

The story of the book by Albert Camus entitled, “The Plague” conveys of a struggle of a town named Oran. This town was struck by an unknown disease that eventually led to the death of many people.
 The very first symptom of the disease appeared when thousands of rats died within the...

Royal Influence on Sei Shonagon’s Pillow Book Essay

Royal Influence on Sei Shonagon’s Pillow Book
When we were back in the Palace, her majesty asked for an account of our adventures. The girls who had been left behind were at first inclined to be rather sulky; but when we described how the Captain had run after us down the Great Highway of the First Ward,...

The book “The Millionaire Next Door” Essay

The book “The Millionaire Next Door” investigated America’s rich and shattered many misconceptions about the wealthy. It proved that most millionaires owed their wealth to old-fashioned frugality and hard work, and not to fancy college degrees. Seven common denominators to their success were explored in the...

Who Speaks for Islam?: What a Billion Muslims Really Think by Dalia Mogahed Essay


The relations between the Middle East and the United States of America became very difficult after the September, 2001. Finally they grew into a serious conflict that seems to be insoluble. However, there are some people who do not give up stating that Muslims and Americans are not so different...

The Longest Day: A Book Review Essay

The Longest Day: A Book Review
            The Longest Day is one of the most accurate, detailed, and objective depiction of the war in Europe. Its author Cornelius Ryan, an Irish-American journalist, was itself a war correspondent for the The Daily Telegraph, a newspaper company in London which specialized...

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