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Character Analysis of Andrew and Ralph in Enders Game, a Novel by Orson Scott Card

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  • Pages 3
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    In times and places quite different, but both struck with war times, two boys would seem to be very different. Andrew “Ender” Wiggin lives in a future under threat of buggers. Ralph is stuck on an island with many other boys during a war when their plane was shot down. However, both boys have quite a few similarities if you look closely. In stories of deception and sinful nature, Ender and Ralph would most certainly get along due to this. They are similar because of their leadership roles, a womanly figure or voice in their lives, and the fact that despite their leadership roles, they are strongly fought against or harassed by those under them.

    First, both Ender and Ralph have leadership roles. Ralph is made leader (“I’m chief then.” (Golding 23))and immediately begins planning out their rescue and exploring the island they are trapped on (“Listen, everybody. I’ve got to have time to think things out.” (Golding 23)). He even makes plans to have a large fire lit upon the mountain so they may be sighted and rescued. Ender is made leader the first day he arrives at Battle School (“Ordinarily, we let you elect your chief officers and install him in the lower bunk by the door, but apparently that position has been taken.”(Card 39)). As time passes, Ender is figuring out survival strategies against the alien buggers. He gives his full mind to saving the people of the Earth.

    Second, both Ender and Ralph have a womanly figure in their lives, or at least the voice of one. Ralph has Piggy, though not a woman, to give him advice (“There was no Piggy to talk sense.”(Golding 196). Piggy helps Ralph often by taking care of the littluns (“Let him have the conch!”(Golding 35)). Ender’s womanly figure in his life is not his mother, but his own sister, Valentine. Ender is often defended by Valentine whenever Peter tries to attack or threaten him (“I’ll tell,” Valentine said from the doorway.”(Card 12)). Ender often thinks of Valentine at Battle School.

    Finally, both Ender and Ralph are strongly fought against and harassed by those under their leadership. Ralph is often fought by Jack for the leadership role, as Jack even made up the rule he could le Ralph held the conch (“And he won’t be interrupted, except by me.”(Golding 33)). Jack is a lot gher, and obsessed with getting his own position as chief, and even does so towards the end (“Who’ll join my tribe and have fun?”(Golding 150)). Ender has it a bit more obviously. His own older brother is constantly beating him up and wanting his own leadership role (“Come on upstairs and choose your weapons.”(Card 11)) . Things do not get too much better at Battle School, since Ender has no friends to start with. Older boys with more power and strength constantly look down on him just because of his age when he leads them.

    Whether they are left with no adults on a small island, or being manipulated into destroying others by the adult figures, Ender and Ralph are similar because of their leadership roles, a womanly figure or voice in their life, and they are strongly fought against of harassed by those under them. They are both natural born leaders who take on the position. Both of them have feminine figures that play an important part in their time of leadership. Finally, despite all the good things they do as leader, they are beaten and fought against by powerful other characters.

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