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Teen Rebellion: Problem of Years of Puberty

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Teen RebellionTeen rebellion is a problem thats been around ever since teenagers have. Almost every teen goes through some sort of rebellious stage in or after the precious years of puberty. Its a problem thats caused by a number of attributes, the two main being teenage hormones and attitude. Its a superiority syndrome that teens get to let the world adults know that their views and opinions are not to be reckoned with. And with such a stubborn mindset that teen rebellion comes with, it can sometimes be impossible to tell them otherwise or make them listen to reason.

98% of teens go through it, lots do it just to show off and some do it because of an incredible feeling of self- righteousness. With appropriate action, teen rebellion is a problem that I believe can be improved upon. In the handout, there is a story that depicts a student who acts out in class. The teacher reprimands and warns the student only to have the student swaggeringly go about the same actions minutes later.

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Teen Rebellion: Problem of Years of Puberty
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This is a prime example in my book of a kid acting from the depths of a bruised ego. At the age of puberty, especially in males, teens receive a strong defense mechanism against when being embarrassed in front of a group of their peers. They feel they cant be shunned without a fight. This isnt just a speculation; it comes purely from long years of personal experience!As a teen Ive found this sort of behavior starts right about the same time as puberty and starts to deteriorate at about the age of 19. Exact years differ from person to person, but the age of 19 is a good medium to go by. I found I used teen rebellion as a defense a lot growing up but more or less it was usually to get my point across to older people who took no mind to my opinions or thoughts. It brought attention to myself and sort of force-fed my point across to people who wouldnt pay attention otherwise. This, of course is a mature way to go about it but at the time of puberty, youths dont particularly worry about maturity as much as they do their egos. Thats my personal experience with teen rebellion.

In conclusion, attitude and ego are two big parts of teen rebellion. I think that we could possibly control if not subdue most of the problems that come along with teen rebellion.If we just took more time to be more compassionate to the fresh and yes, sensitive personalities of teens. We must start recognizing that, though young and immature, teens can have their feelings hurt just as bad if not worse than adults can. If we learn to recognize this more frequently, we could better deal and maybe even solve the problem of teen rebellion.Words/ Pages : 499 / 24

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