The american dream

I believe that the American Dream gives people the opportunity to build a stable foundation for the families to grow on. The foundation that would allow them to gain freedom and education, the Jobs, and the lives they have always striver to have. I believe that with dedication, education and a stable Job any immigrant can reach their American Dream. Achieving the ideal American Dream is never easy but for people that have the determination to do so do achieve that dream. It takes a lot of work to have to start your whole life over but people do it to gain their freedom, to gain a voice that will be heard.

In the article “Leanness’s step-father: Flees Cuba, lives American dream” by Mike Loopiest, Allen’s states, No matter what I carry across (the river in 1992), it is better than anything I leave at home. Because people don’t understand, It is not about economics, it is not about a better life. It is about freedom. Across the river, maybe I am the most poor man in the world, but I can express I am the most poor man, and if I don’t like the president. ” Allen’s is explaining that the biggest reason he came to this country was to gain his freedom and to have a voice.

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By Just having a voice, the right to freedom of speech makes a difference in peoples lives. It allows them to makes their own decisions and expresses the way they feel about situations. In addition to gaining freedom and freedom of speech, I believe that with a great education, achieving the Ideal American dream can be reached. Education Is very Important to make It In this country. As time goes on more and more education Is required for Jobs. Having a degree only opens more doors of opportunities for someone to build a better life In this country. If you want to surely succeed then you need more then a couple years of school.

You need to go above and beyond the expectations of someone trying to achieve the American dream. Getting Into schools are very competitive now a days but I believe that If Immigrants are determined enough to achieve their American Dream they will work hard and get Into the schools the need to reach their goals. As I mentioned It Is hard to find a Job without any education but having a Job Is also a very Important part In the American dream. When first coming to this country and figuring out where life Is taking you, you need to find any Job possible.

Most of the time the common Jobs that people first starting out their American dream get are Jobs that Involve working In factories, or working In the fields. To many Americans these are Jobs we wouldn’t pick to have or we think aren’t worth having, but these are the kind of Jobs people seeking the American dream need, the Jobs they can’t afford that education, to push toward that American dream. These Jobs are what help them get on their feet, they might be getting paid lower then minimum wage but without that small amount of money they wouldn’t be able to get any food on the table.

However, does the American dream still exist with all our budget cuts, teachers getting laid off, and less Jobs? Today it isn’t easy to Just go out and find a Job without he education that is required. “However you want to define the American dream, there is not much of it that’s left anymore. Wherever you choose to look-?at the economy and Jobs, the public schools, the budget deficits, the nonstop warfare overseas-?you’ll see a country in a sad shape,” explains Thomas. Our country is in bad shape; there are fewer Jobs, which means there are more people competing to get the Jobs that are available.

Americans that thought they would never work in the fields or in the factors are now competing to get those Jobs because they need to provide for their families anyway possible. In the article “Hiding From Reality’ by Bob Herbert he states, “even as the hiring of immigrants picked up during that period, those same workers “experienced a sharp decline in earnings” If immigrants aren’t getting Jobs, aren’t earning money to be able to afford to live in this country, can’t afford to send their children to school are they truly living the American dream?

There will always be hard times in this country but that doesn’t mean the American Dream doesn’t exist anymore. Achieving a goal like the American dream is never easy, it takes more work then anyone could imagine. A little more work could never stop omen from reaching that dream because they came here for one reason, to start over with a better life. It is easy for anyone to Just give up but for the immigrants trying to start over they look back at the life they have back home and know that the lifestyle they once had isn’t good for their families.

They want something so much better, not only for their children but also for their children’s children and so on. They are creating that foundation for generations to come. So by having to compete a little more because of low Jobs, budget cuts, or anything else doesn’t mean that the American dream has disappeared. It will always be there; immigrants will Just have to work that much harder to reach their goal.

Without the American Dream there are people who wouldn’t get the opportunity to become nurses, doctors, lawyers, teachers, we wouldn’t have some of those people because without the American Dream they wouldn’t be here today. Whether you are an immigrant or you were born here in America we all have an American dream so I believe that it does and it will always exist. It maybe harder to achieve sometimes but that doesn’t make in impossible, if people think it doesn’t exist anymore that Just means they aren’t dedicated enough to reach that goal.

Therefore, I believe that the American dream allows for better opportunities, with the determination, education and a stable Job there’s a chance to build a new stable foundation for families to grow on. It allows for immigrants to have the voice and freedom to do what they can to create a better life for their families now and in the future. Without the ideal American dream some people don’t have the chance to create a better life, this gives them the chance to tart over and live the lives they have worked for.

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