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The Appointment In Samara Literary Analysis

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This story teaches that no one can escape death, even someone who tries to run. “The Appointment in Samarra” had 3 talked about characters. In my fictional analysis I said that the protagonist was the servant and the antagonist was death. The merchant in the story was a minor character. The servant is who is trying to escape death.

The servant seemed to be a very trustworthy man but had poor judgment. Death, whom the servant said was threatening in line 6 She looked at me and made a threatening gesture”.

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The Appointment In Samara Literary Analysis
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Although, in reality death was not threatening and didn’t mean to be. She was simply surprised to see the servant in Bagdad because she had an appointment with him that night in Samarra. The merchant was the boss of the servant. The merchant is the one who sent the servant to the market in the first place to buy groceries. The merchant ended up lending the servant his horse to run away and attempt to escape death. In this particular short story, a group of themes were portrayed.

He uses the npredictability of human conduct, use of dramatic irony, the ironic use of fate, restraint and suspense, and many more. He uses the unpredictability of human conduct by making the servant run from his actions. He symbolizes that we as humans tend to run from our problems. He uses the dramatic use of fate by making death have an appointment with him in the exact place he is running to escape. The setting for “The Appointment in Samarra” was in Bagdad. It was said to be after World War 1 but before World War 2.

The story started out at a local upermarket when the servant and death had their first encounter. Then a couple of scenes took place at the merchant’s home before the servant took his horse and ran away to Samarra. During the time of this short story Bagdad was said to have been an “exotic city. ” All in all, this particular short story was an exceptional portray of the 4 elements of fiction. This was the first story I have read by him, but I plan to read more. I thoroughly enjoyed this story and learned how to incorporate many types Of literature in just one paragraph.

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