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Characters of The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas



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    This story is about a young main character who’s name is Bruno, he is a young boy who is the age of nine and is a German. This story gives an impression to the reader of how life for the Jewish people must have been during the Second World War. The author of this story which is John Boyne, does not state the obvious, in other words, he does not describe the violence, he hints at it. Thus, he use’s clothes as an image which can be created in the readers head to show the status of many of the characters. In this essay I will show and reveal the way in which the author of this story use’s clothes as imagery to present to us the different aspects to people’s characters.

    Lieutenant Kotler did not have a crucial role in the story but was a very important character. He used to dress very smartly by wearing a full black suit and perfectly brushed back yellow-blonde hair. He used to always have polished black boots which would always shine  As Kotler is the side man of the commander he is very short tempered as he has to keep all the other slaves in control, just like the way he had treated Pavel at the dinner party when pavel dropped the bottle of wine next to Kotler. That provoked Kotler and left the table with pavel in a rage of anger, and I assume poor innocent Pavel had died because he was not mentioned after that in the rest of the story. Kotler has never ever no matter what treated old Jew Pavel with any respect and the reason being is because Pavel is a Jew. Bruno had made sure of never getting in young Kotler’s way because if he did he would know what the consequences would have been. Kotler treats Pavel like a dirt bag on the road, he does not care about Pavel even though he is very weak and quite old and even the slightest hit could kill him. Usually when the commander is out of the house out-with, Kotler is not always in his soldiers uniform.

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