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Finally the novel has many inappropriate themes and la nguages. However the reader of this novel can take the best lessons from it. So The Catcher in the Rye should be taught in high school classrooms. Throughout the novel Holden explains the transformation from a teenager to an adult, by the wrong choices Holden makes. For example, when Holden said, “Yes” to M aurice to get a prostitute, at first, he had a fixed mind and he was ready to do what he wante d to do. But as Sunny (the prostitute) came into Holden’s room, Holden starts to regret it.

In t he novel Holden states, “she made me so nervous, I just kept lying my head off. ‘I’m still recupe rating. ” (pg 97). This shows that once Sunny walked in, Holden felt the guilt of doing the wron g thing, because he’s paying for something that should come naturally. When Holden realizes his mistake, he wants to avoid it. This shows that a teenagers mind changes though vital mist akes. Also this Marjit 2 novel should be taught in high school classrooms because this would help an other teenager avoid these mistakes. Holden’s dream job is to become a ‘Catcher in the rye’.

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This job’s work is to cat ch the kids who likely fall of the cliff. In another way it means that Holden wants to p rotect the innocence of the kids, because Holden wants to help the kids avoid the harsh pain, and dangers of the world. Holden wants to do this because there was no one there for him when his innocence was destroyed. For example when Holden told phoebe to go ride to go ride th e carousel, at first Phoebe says she too big to ride, but Holden forces her to ride. While Phoebe s riding the carousel Holden realizes that a child innocence cannot always be protected. he novel (pg 211) it states “All the kids were trying to get a hold of the golden ring, and so was 01 d phoebe, and I was afraid that old Phoebe might fall off, but it’s bad if you say anything to the m. This quote means that as Holden was watching Phoebe on the carousel he has mixed fee lings. He’s afraid that she might fall off by trying to get a hold of the golden ring, and then happ y because she’s having fun. But Holden concludes his feelings and thoughts by telling himself that you cannot always worry about protecting your kids (loved ones).

Since we all have to gro w up one day, we ave to let them grow up in their own ways. This novel should be taught in hig h schools because it tells/ shows the way we should act and do around our little children, and that we s houldnt always worry about protecting them from the harsh world. The novel has s lot of harsh languages and themes. The reader of this novel c an take the important message and theme by looking past the foul languages. For exampl e when Holden is with the stripper, Holden feels that sleeping with the stripper isn’t right thing t o do, since love and the rest comes naturally.

In the novel (pg 96) it States, “look I said, ‘l don’t eel like myself Marjit 3 tonight. I’ve had a rough night” This quote focuses on an inappropriate theme , but the reader can understand that the overall meaning, which is paying someone for something that should come naturally isn’t the right thing to do. Also from this quote we get the fact that m aking fool ish mistakes can create mental pressure. The novel should be taught in high scho 01 classrooms because it shows and tells us that paying a prostitute for something that shou ld come naturally isn’t the right thing to do, although today teenagers don’t do this.

Though there is multiple reasons why you should read this book, others migh t object this book to the foul languages and that kids now days can’t relate to this book. Fo r example others might object to the foul language use. Like in the article The Catcher in the Rye: The Greatest Book of its Time says, ‘The same colleague intimated that teaching… was a waste of time. She suggested that the novel was overrated, students didn’t like it, and they would only read it so there homework assignments contain the word ‘Fuck’ as part of an assignmen t.

This quote shows hat many teachers oppose that reading this book is a waste of time and that the books’ foul languages has ruined the purpose of reading it. But other teachers says that t he book engages students in to the learning environment. For example in the same article it sal d, “Class discussion was a matter of getting the class to buy the iconic and take a sip of it… changed this classrooms dynamic”. This quote shows that many teachers thin k that the book Catcher in the Rye is a good way to gain the attention of students and help th em adapt to the learning environment.

Also students say that they cant relate to this book bec ause ‘it boring. For example in the article “Is ‘Catcher in the Rye’ still relevant to teens” the aut hor says, “Or has the ‘catcher’ become another classic being shoved down kids throats”. The me ans that the book has gotten old that kids today can’t relate to this book and now kids are callin g a classic or ‘the Marjit 4 most boring book they have ever read’. While other kids argue by saying it’s th ere alltime favorite book. For example from the same article it Zoe said “Holden is such a cool kid. I think he’s my favorite fictional character.

This quote means that other kids think it the best book because they can relate to Holden and consider him as there friend. So this is why the catcher in the rye should be taught in high school classes. In conclusion. should be taught in high schools, because the novel shows how a teenager changes into and adult through its mistakes. Also the n Ovel explains that a child innocence cannot always be protected though various ways. Finally the novel expresses it themes through foul languages. should be taught because it teaches a handful of life lessons that a teenager can go through.

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