The Characters in Roald Dahl’s Book Short Summary

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Matilda Wormwood is the chief character in the narrative. and of the Matilda characters she is ( by far ) the most sympathetic. At the beginning of the novel. we are introduced to Matilda as a 4 1/2-years old who possesses an mind far above her old ages. Dahl even goes so far as to depict her as a “child-genius and prodigy. ” ( p. 75 ) Matilda loves to read even though her parents refuse to let any books in the house – alternatively preferring that she and her brother merely watch the telecasting.

Later in the narrative. it is revealed that Matilda besides possesses the powers of telekinesis ( the ability to travel things with her head ) and it is implied that these powers are a consequence of the pent-up choler she feels toward her parents and Headmistress who vacillate between disregarding and minimizing her. By the clip Matilda enters Crunchem Hall Primary School she is 5 1/2-years old.

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Free Lesson Plans World Wide Web. ePals. com/joinBrowse Lesson Plan thoughts for K-12 schoolrooms. Join ePals for free! Ad by GoogleMichael Wormwood is Matilda’s older brother. Although he does non posses the same degree of mind or ability as his sister. he is clearly the favourite in the Wormwood family.

Mr. Harry Wormwood is Matilda’s male parent. Harry is besides a used auto trader. and right from the start of the book we learn that he is a dishonest concern adult male. He puts sawdust in his customers’ autos to do them sound better and runs the autos backward to turn back the milage counters. Alternatively of praising his girl for her abilities. he invariably tells her that she is “ignorant and stupid. ” ( p. 29 ) In fact. when Matilda right adds several big amounts in her caput and presents the reply to her male parent. he calls her a “cheat and a prevaricator. ” ( p. 55 )

Mrs. Wormwood. Matilda’s female parent. is described as a “large adult female whose hair was dyed Pt blonde except where you could see the mousy-brown spots turning out from the roots. ” ( p. 27 ) She besides “wore heavy makeup and had one of those unfortunate bulging figures where the flesh appears to be strapped in all around the organic structure to forestall it from falling out. ” ( p. 27 ) Mrs. Wormwood’s merely involvements are watching American soap-operas and playing Bingo every twenty-four hours. Like her hubby. Mrs. Wormwood thinks really small of her daughter’s alone abilities and frequently berates her.

Miss Jennifer Honey is Matilda’s instructor at Crunchem Hall Primary School. Miss Honey is immature. reasonably. mild-mannered and “possessed that rare gift for being adored by every little kid under her attention. ” ( p. 67 ) Subsequently in the narrative. she becomes a great advocator for Matilda.

Miss Truchbull is doubtless the most colourful in the dramatis personae of Matilda characters. The Headmistress at Crunchem Hall Primary School. Miss Trunchbull serves as the “head instructor. the foreman and the supreme commander” ( p. 66 ) who “insists on rigorous subject throughout the school. ” ( p. 69 ) Dahl besides describes her as a “gigantic sanctum panic. a ferocious oppressive monster who frightened the life out of the students and instructors alike” ( p. 67 ) who “hardly of all time spoke in a normal voice. ” ( p. 85 ) Alternatively. he says she “barked or shouted. ” ( p. 85 )

Miss Trunchbull’s favourite signifier of penalty is to direct pupils to the “Chocky. ” which is a “very tall but really narrow cupboard” that has a floor “only 10 inches square so you can’t sit down or crouch in it” – coercing one to stand. alternatively. Furthermore. “three of the walls are made of cement with spots of broken glass lodging out all over. so you can’t thin against them. ” Leaning against the door is besides impossible. because it has “thousands of crisp spikey nails lodging out of it. ” ( p. 104 ) Much later in the book. we learn that Miss Trunchbull is besides Miss Honey’s aunt Agatha.

Amanda Thripp is another schoolmate. She makes the error of coming to school have oning her hair in pigtails. Miss Trunchbull despises pigtails. and so she uses them to pick Amanda up. Using her Olympic cock preparation. Miss Trunchbull swings Amanda around over-head and throws her clear across the school pace fencing. Fortunately. she “landed on the grass and bounced three times and eventually came to rest. ” ( p. 116 )

Bruce Bogtrotter is yet another of Matilda’s schoolmates who suffers under Miss Trunchbull. This 11-year old male child commits the offense of mousing a piece of the Headmistresses’ “special” cocoa bar. During his confession. Bruce admits that he found the bar. baked by the school’s cook. to be “very good. ” ( pp. 122-123 ) As his penalty. Bruce is forced to eat every last bite of a extra bar which was “fully 18 inches in diameter” and “covered with brownish cocoa frost. ” ( p. 124 )

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