Across a Hundred Mountains Characters Short Summary

Juana: A 12 years old girl with black hair, she was thin, very innocent, poor, aggressive and honest. She had a hard life and always felt guilty of the death of her little sister.

Her purpose was to find her father in “El otro Lado”. She is the main character of this book and she will live the hardest times of her life trying to find her missing father. Adelina: A more less 17 years old girl, she works as a prostitute, she lives in Mexico. She run away from his house because she fall In love of her boyfriend, and he was the one who introduce her in the prostitution business, she is a friendly, good, honest and poor person.

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Miguel Garcia (Apa): He was a campesino and he worked in the fields planting and harvesting crops. He felt guilty of his little daughter dead. He wants a better life for his family so he decided to go to “El otro Lado”, and he died trying it. Lupe (Ama): A religious woman who follows the Mexican traditions and prays a lot to the Virgen de Guadalupe, she has a long hair, loves her family, she was with a lot of grudge with Juana because of Anita’s dead.

Later she became an indigent woman, alcoholic and with mental problems.Don Elias: A fat pig man who is the richest man in the town, everybody is afraid of him, he is the one who pay for Anita’s funeral, and the Garcia family owns him money. Is a repugnant man with no values, he don’t care of nobody, he just care of himself and he will do the necessary to get what he wants. Don Ernesto: A very good man who helped Adelina (Juana), when she arrives to Los Angeles city, later he became like some kind of father figure to Adelina (Juana).

He offers the shelter as a temporary house, but she breaks her final promise to him when she denies giving a chance to be happy with Sebastian.Abuelita Elena: An old age woman with her body stoop to the ground. She has a silver hair and it was braided and twisted atop her head like a crown. She thinks that Lupe is guilty of Miguel’s decision of going to “el otro lado” and she said that she has chased her son away because of her carelessness.

Antonia: She is Juana’s godmother; she is a good woman that sometimes went to Juana’s house to comfort Lupe, but later on these comforts will be end in vane because of Lupe’s radical change. Dona Martina: she was a helper woman with a big heart. She was Juana’s neighbor and she helps them a lot, she helps Lupe when the new baby was coming.Before Juana leaves the town, she gave her a map of Mexico for Juana not gets lost in her trip.

Dona Matilde: she was Don Elias wife; she took Miguelito away from Lupe’s hands with Don Elias help. She raises miguelito as if he was his son, but she always hides him the truth. Dr. Sebastian Luna: He is a good man that works as a doctor, he became a doctor because he swear that he will find out how to help others; this was because he’s grandfather have a heart attack and he just stay there without not knowing what to do.

He is in love with Juana (Adelina).

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