Short Story “The Dope on Eggs”

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Summary of the short story “The Dope on Eggs”, the author exemplified what a magazine columnist went through in order to write an article on “Eggs”. The columnist did not much information on eggs, but he knew enough “bits and pieces to get by”. His little knowledge about eggs would not make a very successful paper.

He had begun researching his topic, interviewing and visiting people. Some of the facts he gathered allowed him to what happens in isogamy (sex cells are similar in size). He also learned what happens in anisogamy ( some members of the species produce gametes that have nutrition in them, while others contain genetic information).

The columnist had many facts, but he did not understand how the facts came to together in order to make sense to him. By this time he begun asking questions and he was able to put the “bits” of facts into something that made sense, and was able to complete his article on “Egg”. The author seemed to correlate the columnist effort on the subjects of “Eggs” to what a person has to go through in order to understand science or related fields. Many people, like the columnist, have little knowledge about science.

These people do not understand how every information in the study of science comes together to work in unity. Since there is this lack of knowledge, people need to ask questions, and do some research their information so that they can understand how to understand science. On the writing style of the author, he gave indept information about how the columnist did his research.

The author’s writing style also seemed destructive to the columnist character. Also, the author called the columnist “dumb”, and cursed the man for his lack of knowledge. The author also told the questions that the columnist asked and answered all questions at the end of the story.

The information learned from the article was that in Australia, there is an egg-laying animal that has an egg tooth to break out of its shell. Also, that there are many “routes to take” in discovering a single information.

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