The Exclusion of African Americans

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Many of these groups challenged their exclusion from full thespians by rioting, public speaking, and rebelling against the government. Women were a very large and important group that experienced a lot of exclusion from full citizenship. They were denied the right to vote and were not given any higher education than simply knowing how to read and write. They also were restricted from professions simply because of their gender. Women were expected to only care for children and do other household tasks.

They almost had nothing without their husbands. The first challenge against their exclusion was the first women’s rights movement that began in he sass’s when NV’0 sisters, Angelina and Sarah Grimm©, started a speaking tour to change views on women’s rights. Although the speaking tour discussed this topic, it did not begin as a women’s rights movement. “What began as a tour to promote the abolition of slavery ended by introducing the new concept of women’s rights into American public life. L The two sisters were brave enough to speak publicly to large groups of men and women not only on their views about their rights as women but about the abolition of slavery as well. Angelina Grimm© stated, “It is through the tongue, the pen, and he press, that truth is principally propagated. “2 The sisters used their public speaking ability to reach out to the public and sate their views, which was their most powerful tool and helped them succeed in spreading their views around.

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Another woman, Elizabeth Caddy Stanton also challenged the exclusion of women by organizing the first women’s rights convention in 1848. This convention addressed the inequality that women under went against men. 3 These are just two examples out of the many things that women have done to try and achieve equality between genders. Women continued to challenge the exclusion they were facing by forming organizations, conventions, and petitions. The slave population challenged their exclusion from full citizenship in a very different way.

Slaves had no rights as human beings, and were viewed as nothing but property. They were uneducated, mistreated, and taken advantage of. They had no way to spread their views like the Grimm© sisters did, so they acted in a form of violence by rebelling and beginning riots. An example Of a group Of slaves rebelling is Nat Turners rebellion. “In 1831 a seemingly obedient slave named Nat Turner organized a revolt in rural Virginia that stunned whites across the South. 4 On August 21, Nat Turner and his followers killed their owners, which led to the death of 57 more white women, men and children.

They escaped, but were eventually caught and Nat Turner was hung. This rebellion led to other slave owners worrying about uprising and rebellions within their own slaves and also had many people questioning slavery as a whole. ” … And that measure cannot, we believe, be decisively efficient, or of much benefit if it have not, for its ultimate object, the extinction of slavery amongst us. ” 5 Stated by the females of Augusta county, Virginia. There had been many uprisings and evolves before and after the Nat Turner rebellion.

Another important example would be the Charles Descended revolt in 1811, which took place in New Orleans, Louisiana. 500 slaves participated in this revolt, and it is known as one of the biggest revolts in history. 6 Almost all of the challenges against exclusion are revolts and rebellions, which led to the death of many slaves who were fighting for their freedom. Many times, slaves would submissively rebel against their owners by faking illness or pretending to have a disability, anything they could think of to not rebel peacefully against slavery, but it loud only go on for so long.

All of these examples show how groups challenged the exclusion they were suffering from by revolting and speaking publicly. The group of women could rebel in a peaceful way because the consequences they faced for speaking out is nothing compared to the consequence a slave would receive. While the women spoke out about the rights they deserved to groups of people, the slaves were uprising in the middle of the night, fighting for their lives against men who would show them no mercy. Though both groups were being excluded against, the ways they approached them are almost opposite.

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