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The Giver – Speech ‘About a Book’

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‘About a Book’ What would you do If you were forced to obey strict rules? Living safely inside a group described as the Community’, a place where there Is no war, pain or hunger; a place almost perfect. But what If It all changed when you are selected as the new Receiver of Memory and you start to discover dark secrets that could lead you to undertake an Incredible Journey and rebel against your people. What If you discover that your whole world is nothing but a horrible lie?

This is the story of twelve year old Jonas, the main character in the novel ‘The Giver’.

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The Giver – Speech ‘About a Book’
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Jonas lives inside his community with his family unit. Today I am going to talk about why Jonas is an inspirational character and prove that some people can fight for what they believe is right and can even break some rules in order to do so. Not only is Jonas curious, intelligent and surprisingly loyal, he is also brave and unafraid to break the rules for the right reasons.

Jonas has many good attributes but in particular I loved his braver, loyalty to his friends and Ovid ones and his rebellious spirit – never giving up.

Firstly, Jonas is incredibly brave. When he learns the dark secrets the leaders of his community have held back, Jonas runs away from the community and by doing so unleashes all the memories he had gotten from his training as the Receiver of Memory. During his Journey In search for Elsewhere, he had to face harsh environments, search planes and days of telling walking in order to reach his destination. Above all, he didn’t give up on his goal and he always has a sense of persistence.

This showed me how brave his is to do this – especially when he decided to take a new child along with him. As well as being brave, Jonas is fiercely loyal to the new child Gabriel (Gave), who he takes with him in search for Elsewhere. At first Jonas hadn’t taken much notice of Gave but their relationship grows stronger throughout the novel. An example of this is when Jonas gives Gave some soothing memories. By doing so this calms Gave down because he wasn’t sleeping well. Later in the book, Jonas strengthens their bond even more by risking his own life to save Gave.

Quote: “… He wept because he was afraid now he could not save Gabriel. He no longer cared about himself… ” This showed me how loyal Jonas Is to Cable and that their relationship Is unbreakable. My final point Is that Jonas is rebellious and has persistence to keep going. He isn’t afraid to break the rules. When Jonas is nearly forced to give up on his search for Elsewhere because of the harsh environments and other obstacles in his way, he managed to overcome all of them and keep going even though he was so tired and had no energy left.

Jonas is a hero to me because he escaped to Elsewhere so the people of his community could experience memories and hopefully learn more about their world. I admire the character of Jonas because he is fearless, loyal, and rebellious. He is also kind towards others and is always willing to help. The character of Jonas made me realize that it’s important to fight for truth and freedom. Everyone deserves it and Jonas gave his community freedom and choice by giving them memories… Shank u for listening.

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