The historical and scientific significance of the actions of dr. Jeffrey Wigand

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The actions of Dr. Jeffrey Wigand in revealing events within the tobacco company, Brown and Williamson have resulted to changes in the perception of the hazards of tobacco use making a significant impact on history and the scientific community.

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The Historical And Scientific Significance

Of The Actions Of Dr. Jeffrey Wigand

Dr. Jeffrey Wigand gave the world a privileged view into the inner workings of the tobacco industry.  Whether this view proves beneficial to society or not is entirely up to how the world responds to the new revelations that Dr. Wigand mentioned in his deposition.  The role Dr. Wigand played in creating awareness and revealing vital information about the hazards of tobacco is significant to history and to the scientific community.

What Dr. Wigand did was a milestone in the historic fight against tobacco.  Throughout history, the tobacco industry has been sending the wrong kinds of messages out to the public regarding the use of tobacco.  According to Waldron (1998), the cigar industry has enjoyed a certain level of freedom despite legislation and lawsuits against the cigarette industry because the industry has masked the risks associated with tobacco with a false sense of security.  Dr. Wigand did well in revealing these risks to the public and making the public privy to the measures taken by the tobacco industry to deceive the public.  He had to pay dearly for what he did, but in the long run, his actions have proven to be more beneficial than otherwise, especially in drumming up awareness against tobacco-use.  Dr. Wigand verbalized the collective clamor of a public that has been constantly ignored by the tobacco industries.  Wigand (2008) reiterates that he did what he had to do because he was loyal to a higher order of ethical responsibility.

In the scientific community, the revelations of Dr. Wigand served well to issue a warning to other tobacco companies not to withhold vital scientific information from the public.  Tobacco companies tend to reveal only what is in the best interest of their business or to totally conceal scientific information that could be damaging to the industry, at the expense of public health.  Wigand’s revelations regarding additives, cigarette design and tobacco product regulation clearly show the dangerous chemicals contained in tobacco.  According to Wigand (2006) this information is intentionally withheld by tobacco companies to protect their own interests.


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