The Investigation of the Double Murder of Nicole Brown Simpson

The Investigation of the Double Murder of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman As a crime scene investigator, there are duties that have to be met and a job that has to get done. Part of this job includes putting together reliable evidence, and making a list of suspects. As an investigator my job as of right now, is to find evidence to use against Orenthal James Simpson in the prosecution of the murder of his wife Nicole Simpson and her friend Ronald Goldman. On June 12, 1994, around 10:15 P. M. , Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman were brutally murdered at her house on 875 S. Bundy in Brentwood, California (Linder).

O. J. Simpson, the ex-husband of Nicole, is our prime suspect due to the amount of evidence we have collected from his home, the crime scene, and his interviews. The night of June 12, seemed just like any other night to Brentwood citizens. Nicole and O. J. attended their daughters dance recital at a local Middle School. After the dance recital Nicole and her family went to the restaurant Mezzaluna, while O. J. returned to his house (Linder). According to Simpson, during the time his family was out enjoying a celebratory dinner, he was at home packing for a trip to Chicago and working on his golf swing.

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Also, he claims he and a man renting a room from him, by the name of Kato Kaelin made a quick trip to McDonalds (Simpson). After returning from McDonalds, around 9:45 P. M. , Kato and Simpson went their separate ways. Simpson was scheduled to leave for an 11:45 P. M. flight to Chicago. While he was waiting for his scheduled limo driver, Allan Park, Simpson explains he was packing for his trip, however he also informed us that he was sleeping (Simpson). Allan Park explained to us that at around 10:22 to 10:30 P. M. Simpson’s white bronco was not parked anywhere around his Rockingham residence.

At 10:40 P. M. , 10:43 P. M. , and 10:49 P. M. , Park claims to have buzzed O. J. ’s intercom several times, but received no response. Around 10:51, Kaelin reports hearing loud thumps outside of his room, around the same time Allan Park sees a figure about 200 pounds and 6 feet tall in a dark sweat suit run across the lawn. In our interrogation with Kaelin, this is the clothing he reports seeing Simpson in on their outing to McDonalds (People Vs. Simpson). Shortly after, Simpson emerged from his home and headed off to Chicago. When Park was interrogated, he declared that O. J. as only carrying a small black bag that he would not allow Park to touch (Linder). Witnesses say around 8:30 P. M. , Nicole and her family leave Mezzaluna and head for Ben and Jerry’s to get some ice cream. On the way out her mother, Juditha, drops her sunglasses but does not notice. She later calls the restaurant and employee Ronald Goldman, offers to bring them to Nicole’s condominium after he gets off work. Goldman gets off work at around 9:45 P. M. , and heads for Nicole’s. According to neighbors, the usually quiet neighborhood was not so quiet the night of the murders.

After speaking with four of Nicole’s neighbor’s, we were told that the eerie barking of one dog beginning around 9:45 P. M. kept everyone awake that night. Eva Stein, the first neighbor to be questioned told me she went to bed around 10 P. M. , however, an extremely loud persistent barking kept waking her up. Louis Karpf, Steins boyfriend, returned home around 10:45 P. M. and heard the dog barking profusely, he then went outside to see if he could find where the sound of the suffering dog was coming from. Steven Schwab, another neighbor, explained to us that at around 10:55 P. M. when he was taking a late walk, a strange dog started following him, and then he noticed the animal’s paws and belly were covered in blood. Around 11:05 P. M. , Schwab brought the dog to his neighbor Mr. Boztepe for safe keeping. But the dog was so restless that he kept him and his wife up, so they decided to take him for a walk. That’s when Nicole Brown Simpson’s nervous and purposeful akita led Mr. and Mrs. Boztepe to her house, where the bodies were laying, all of this occurred around midnight (Margolick). It was then that police were called to the home and evidence started to be collected. Due to Mr. and Mrs.

Simpson’s previous police record of domestic violence calls, we were in desperate need to talk to Mr. Simpson. We called Mr. Simpson shortly after he arrived at his hotel in Chicago. When we informed him of the murder of his wife, Simpson acted surprisingly calm and collected. He never asked how, where, or if there are any suspects. During his interrogation, when we asked about a cut on his hand, he claimed the cut was from golfing and that he reopened it when he smashed some glass in his hotel room (Linder). He boarded the first plane back to Los Angeles, that’s when he found us at his home conducting a full scale investigation.

After we obtained enough evidence, we released a warrant for the arrest of Orenthal James Simpson. After searching the homes of O. J. Simpson and Nicole Simpson we came up with much evidence to use in prosecuting O. J. Simpson. First off, the previous history of violence in the Simpson home was considered evidence. On October 25th, 1993, Nicole called 9-1-1 asking for someone to be sent to her home, because O. J. had broken in and was violently yelling at her and banging on her bedroom door. But this was not the first case of domestic violence in their home.

On January 1st, 1989, police were called to Simpson’s Rockingham address where Nicole was claiming that O. J. was saying to Nicole “I’ll kill you. ” and that he no longer wanted her sleeping in his bed. On May 24th 1989, O. J. was sentenced for spousal abuse and punished with 2 years of probation, 120 hours of community service, and a small fine. Nicole and O. J. separated shortly after (O. J. Simpson Trial). The physical evidence involved in the case included the hair evidence we found. Several hairs were found on Ronald Goldman, these were consistent with O. J. Simpsons hair.

The murderer also left bloody shoeprints at the crime scene; these were a size 12 Bruno Magli pair of shoes, which are extremely rare. It is rumored that O. J. owns a pair of these shoes in a size 12 and we hope to get our hands on them. Blood found near the victims matched the blood taken from Simpson during his arrest. The cut on Simpson’s hand is very mysterious since he cannot seem to come with an accurate explanation of where he received the deep cut from. Blood was found in Simpson’s bronco, including a bloody shoeprint in the bronco, in his house, and on his driveway. Blood was even found on O. J. s socks which seemed to match Nicole Simpson’s blood. One of the most important pieces of evidence we found was the pair of Aris light gloves size extra large, Nicole had purchased the same pair for O. J. in 1990. The left glove was found at Nicole’s condominium, covered in blood and the right glove was found at O. J. ’s house. The most mysterious behavior yet exhibited by Simpson, that will most certainly be used in the upcoming trial against him is the police chase he led everyone on. On June 17th, we required Simpson to turn himself in by 10 A. M.. However, Simpson did not show up and we drove to his home to arrest him.

When we arrived, Simpson was gone, him and his friend, A. C. Cowlings had taken off, with fake mustaches, a weapon, and over $8,000 in cash. Simpson also left a suicide note behind addressed to “Whom It May Concern”. Finally the police chase ended in Simpson’s driveway when he agreed to return to his home (Linder). Although much evidence was collected, all these were the most incriminating and may lead to the prosecution of O. J. Simpson. Like most murder cases, we have more than one suspect. However for our other two suspects we don’t have nearly as much evidence as with suspect number 1.

Our next suspect is Jason Simpson, O. J. Simpson’s son from his first marriage. When Jason was brought in for interrogation he gave us 3 different alibis, this made it seem like he was confused as to where to say he was during the murders. His first alibi stated that on June 12, he worked until 11 P. M. at a local restaurant where he was the chef. That saves him from being considered as a suspect because the murder occurred around 10:15 P. M. , he was then picked up by his girlfriend where he went to her house and watched TV with her late into the night.

The second alibi came from his girlfriend, she said Jason closed the restaurant at 9:45 P. M. , then left her house at 11 P. M.. Jason’s third alibi later given to us was that he left the restaurant around 10 or 10:30 P. M. drove his girlfriend home, kissed her goodnight and then went home and watched TV until 3 A. M. (Stowers). There are other contributing factors as to why Jason is being considered a suspect. On June 12, Nicole promised Jason she would bring the family to eat at the restaurant he worked at for dinner. She then changed her mind and decided to go to Mezzaluna, which was closer and cheaper.

Jason, who has a short temper, was embarrassed for wanting to show off his cooking skills to Nicole. Jason has the same genetic characteristics as O. J. therefore, the blood at the crime scene could just as easily match Jason’s as O. J. ’s. Jason also informed us that he had his cooking knife set in all of his alibis during his interrogation, they matched the wounds inflicted by the murder weapon. O. J. was never accused of owning a weapon that matched the marks found on the bodies. Jason Simpson has had many failed relationships, attempted suicides, and he has been diagnosed with age disorder which is being treated with Depakote. All of these factors also make him a suspect in Nicole’s murder (Stowers). Our 3rd suspect has no evidence against him or her and was just pointed out by O. J. Simpson and friends of Nicole and O. J. as a possible suspect. It is believed that at the time of the murders Nicole started hanging out with people into drugs, O. J. would like to believe that her so called friends’ drug dealers came looking for them, and accidentally killed Nicole and her friend Ronald. However, we have no leads or evidence on this possibility at this time.

After thoroughly investigating this double murder, it is clear that it was a crime of passion. Nicole was brutally slashed, her neck almost severed from her body, and a piece of her vertebrae from her spine was missing, due to the intensity of her stabbings. Ronald Goldman struggled with the murderer, and then was stabbed about thirty times (Linder). Whoever murdered them was no stranger to Nicole, her murder alone showed extreme violence and hatred, and even though it appeared Goldman happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time, he was brutally slain.

It was widely known that O. J. Simpson was an extremely possessive and jealous person, and that he was rather angry with Nicole before her murder (Simpson). My fellow investigators and I have come to the conclusion that O. J. Simpson is the main suspect and is most likely guilty of murder. Because of the amounts of incredible evidence and testimonies we have collected against him. However, it will be up to the courts and jury to decide for certain. Annotated Bibliography Ellis, David, Jerome, Richard, Laswell, Mark. “People vs. Simpson. ” People. 10 Oct. 1994: 42-50. Web.

This magazine article gives a summary of the night of the murders in chronological order with exact times included. It includes a description on the players, witnesses, laywers, police, and the evidence. Including the DNA evidence that was just available and not fully trusted. Linder, Doug. “The Trial of Orenthal James Simpson. ” UMCK School of Law. 2000. Web. 29 January 2012. This website discusses all the evidence and chronological events of the O. J. Simpson murder trial. This website gives extreme detail in all aspects of the trial and the life of O. J. Simpson before and after. Margolick, David. Dog Howls and TV Shows Used to Fix Murder Time. ” The New York Times. 09 Feb 1995. Web. 3 Feb 2012. This newspaper gives a description of who found the bodies, and the strange behavior of Nicoles Akita, Kato. It discusses the testimonies given by the neighbors of the eerie barking that came from Kato, however it does have a slight sarcastic undertone due to the fact many neighbors were basing times and facts off of their TV shows they were watching, and by the dogs barking. Margolick, David. “Unbloodied Feet of Nicole Simpson Indicate That She Died First. ” The New York Times. 22 Feb. 1995. Web. 3 Feb 2012.

This article in The New York Times depicts the way the bodies were found and what certain hand movements meant and who died first. Due to the fact that there was no blood on Nicole’s feet, the investigators came to the conclusion she died first. Rimer, Sara. “The Simpson Case: The Victim; Nicole Brown Simpson: Slain at the Dawn of a Better Life. ” The New York Times. 23 June 1994. Web. 1 Feb 2012. This newspaper article interviewed the family and friends of Nicole Simpson and explained how she was getting over O. J. and excited to start a new life without him and put all her focus on her children, she then died the next day.

Simpson, O. J.. If I Did It. New York, NY: Harper Collins Publishers, 2006. Print. This is the book O. J. Simpson wrote, however it was unpublished at the wishes of Nicole’s family. However the Goldman’s got the rights of the book and sold it for the money owed to them by O. J. Simpson. Although in the middle of the book, the murder scenes supposedly become “hypothetical”, the rest of the book gives great insight into the lives of Nicole Simpson and O. J. before and after their divorce. It proves the anger O. J. was harboring towards his ex wife. Stowers, Carlton. “O. J. Confidential. ” Dallas Observer. 12 Apr. 2001. Web. 2 Feb. 2012.

This article gives the evidence of the other suspect, Jason Simpson. The investigation of the murders was also conducted by a private investigator Bill Dear, he claims O. J. is completely innocent but is covering up for his son Jason who is clearly guilty. “The Simpson Murder Case: Nicole Simpson’s 911 Calls. ” Los Angeles Times. 23 June 1994. Web. 3 Feb 2012. This is the excerpts from the October 25, 1993 9-1-1 call made by Nicole Brown Simpsons where she is frantically trying to get help from emergency responders due to the fact that O. J. broke into her house and was furiously banging on her door.

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