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The Life and Legacy of William Shakespeare

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Seven old ages subsequently after their nuptials. William Shakespeare was born in April 26. 1564 in Stratford ( accepted birth and birth topographic point ) to Mr. and Mrs. John Shakespeare. William had eight siblings. and although he didn’t acquire a opportunity to run into all of them. they were still portion of his household. Joan ( Oldest Sister ) . the first kid brought a immense sum of joy to the immature. and ambitious twosome. merely to be cover a awful blow shortly after her birth ; On September 15.

1558 Joan was baptized ( merely survived two months ) . Margaret ( Older Sister ) . was born in 1562 and was baptized on December 2.

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The Life and Legacy of William Shakespeare
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Once once more household life was devastated as the small Margaret merely lived for one twelvemonth. Two old ages after William’ birth. the Shakespeare’s’ 4th kid. Gilbert was born. Gilbert was baptized at Holy Trinity on October 13. 1566. at Holy Trinity. He followed his older brother ( William ) to London where he established a good and successful calling later in life.

Joan ( Younger Sister ) . was born in 1569. she was named after her oldest sister. Joan. She had a dissimilar childhood to her older brothers.

She was known. like her parents. to be unable to read or compose. Joan’s childhood would hold hence been near to the household and assisting her female parent with the jobs. Anne ( Youngest Sister ) . was born September 28 1571. when William was seven old ages old. Gilbert was five and Joan was two supplying the three brothers and sisters with another sister. Another calamity struck the household in 1579 when small eight twelvemonth old Anne Shakespeare died.

Richard ( Younger Brother ) . was born 1574 and baptized on March 11. when William was 10 old ages old. Gilbert was 8. Joan was five and Anne was three supplying the four brothers and sisters with another brother. In 1578 his senior brothers were removed from school to assist with the concern and it is hence dubious that Brother Richard received much of an instruction. Edmund ( Youngest Brother ) . was born in 1580. he was christened on May 3.

He had four. healthy. living siblings ; Brother William aged 16. Brother Gilbert aged 14. Sister Joan aged 11 and Brother Richard aged 6. He ne’er had the opportunity to run into his other older sisters Anne. Joan ( eldest sister ) . and Margaret. “William Shakespeare Brothers & A ; Sisters. ” WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE. N. p. . n. d. Web. 19 Dec. 2012.

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