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The Main Idea of Lord of the flies

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Rules are what separate a person from ongoing whatever they want and being a bad person with doing good. From a more easily transitioned to showing evil we see on page 40 “His voice rose to a shriek of terror as jack snatched his glasses off his face. ” Jack has no rules therefore he does whatever he wants and acts evil. If he was naturally good he would have felt some slight guilt for taking glasses from someone who can’t see without them.

Essentially humans show their true nature given the opportunity that was given in Lord of The flies.

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The Main Idea of Lord of the flies
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Imagine everyone could do whatever they wanted with no punishment, at first it sounds fun, honestly speaking we would all end up dead. If only Ralph knew what was in store when peoples true identities are shown before saying this on page 35, “This is our island. It’s a good island. Until the grownups come to fetch us we’ll have fun.

” Their old fun with rules would be much better than their new fun with no rules. Now that there is nothing holding back the true personalities of people the evil will come out.

Ralph knew from the start people had bad intentions and were essentially bad there for he tried to make rules like on page 33 when he says “We’ll have rules… Lots of rules! Then when anyone breaks me”. He never finishes because with no punishment there is no reason to be good. Humans want a reward for being good or to not get punished for being good. As shown people left along to show their true personalities will always have a evil side. Although there are good people in the world it has nothing to do with how hey actually are because it could all be an act so they don’t get in trouble.

Where else could children learn this kind of evil shown on page 152 “Kill the pig! Cut his throat! Spill his blood. ” The boys environment before the island was not about children murdering things. The children had the evil inside themselves. Humans also always want the easy route as sown on page 1 25 ” So we can’t have a signal fire… Were beaten.

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