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‘The Notebook’ by Nicholas Sparks is a modern romance story that takes place during the years before and after World War II. Noah and Allie have a memorable summer together, but circumstances such as her family and the socio-economic conditions of that time keep them apart. Despite Noah’s efforts to stay in touch with Allie after their separation, she does not respond to his letters. In a final letter, Noah declares his everlasting love for her. To move on from his memories of Allie, Noah moves to the North in search of employment and later joins the war.

After serving his country, he comes back home to renovate an old farmhouse. Allie notices a newspaper article about his project and revisits him 14 years after their last meeting. The dilemma is that she is currently engaged to another man. After spending two delightful days reuniting, Allie faces the decision of choosing between the two men she loves. The narrative is presented within the context of a present-day man reading to a woman afflicted with Alzheimer’s. It is implied that the woman is Allie… but which of her two loves is the man reading to her?

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Noah, an elderly man residing in a nursing home, introduces himself as an 80-year-old character in the novel. In his daily routine, he spends time reading to his wife Allie, who unfortunately suffers from Alzheimer’s disease and is unable to recognize him. Noah also faces various health issues including a third cancer diagnosis, heart disease, kidney failure, and severe arthritis affecting his hands. Before her memory loss, Allie had written a notebook chronicling their life together with the hope of recovering her memories through Noah reading it aloud to her. However, she experiences a relapse and forgets Noah entirely, leaving him feeling like a stranger in her presence. Despite his persistent efforts to jog her memory about their shared past, he eventually accepts that she truly has no recollection of him anymore. Throughout the story, Noah embodies several admirable qualities such as loyalty, idealism, physical strength and attractiveness, poetic talent and a willingness to assist those in need. As the narrative progresses further along its course of events, Noah undergoes personal growth while maintaining these positive characteristics within himself. A notable moment highlighting this development occurs when Allie returns to find that Noah has fulfilled his promise by renovating their house.

He never engaged in fights or arguments with her regarding her departure, nor did he become angry when she mentioned her engagement to another man. “‘I’m engaged,’ he looked down as she stated it, suddenly feeling slightly powerless. So that was the news she needed to share with him. ‘Congratulations,’ he eventually replied, questioning the persuasiveness of his words.” The news of her engagement shattered his heart. He still harbored love for her and couldn’t help but ponder whether Allie genuinely loved Lon or if she was simply attempting to convince herself otherwise.

After spending the night together, Noah and Allie also spent the next morning engaged in various activities such as eating breakfast, making love, doing chores, talking, and staring at each other. Surprisingly, a knock on the door after lunch startled Noah as it was Allie’s mother, Anne. She explained that she came because she had to, just like she assumed Allie came to New Bern for a specific reason. Anne then disclosed that Lon had called her the previous night to inquire about Noah and revealed that he was also on his way to New Bern. “What do you mean you had to come?” Allie was taken aback.

Don’t you trust me?’ Anne turned back to her daughter. ‘This had nothing to do with trust. This has to do with Lon. He called the house last night to talk to me about Noah, and he’s on his way here right now. He seemed very upset. I thought you’d want to know.’”

Anne knew Allie would be in New Bern with Noah because she saw her reaction to the newspaper article about Noah restoring the house. She knew Allie was still in love with Noah and she felt that she had to do something to prevent Allie from leaving Lon for Noah because Anne thought it wouldn’t be good for her.

The protagonist believed that Lon, who came from a privileged background, was a superior option compared to Noah, who did not possess wealth. Eventually, it is revealed in the story that Noah has been reading to his wife Allie. However, it is still unknown whom Allie has chosen to be with. It becomes known that Noah has been married for almost 49 years and even though he is not permitted to spend nights with his wife, he sometimes disobeys this rule. He knows that Allie is nearing death but she remains oblivious to this fact. Throughout his narrative, he makes references to a poem.

Then he discusses visiting and reading to other residents. Upon finishing reading from the notebook, he holds his wife’s hand. She questions if he wrote the story and he confesses to doing so. She inquires which character he portrays, and he informs her that she will discover by day’s end. He firmly believes this day will be favorable. However, his wife lacks recognition of his identity, prompting her to ask who he is. Noah’s decision to deceive Allie by assuming the names Duke and Hannah bears immense significance. Numerous individuals perceive reality based on their perception. For Noah, it is crucial that Allie remains as tranquil as possible.

He understands that reading to her occasionally helps her recollect her identity, their relationship, and their shared history. However, these moments are rare and infrequent. Since Noah is unsure about her state of mind on any given day, he assumes the role of a loving and caring partner without disclosing his true identity. This exemplifies a fascinating notion: actions themselves are neutral and not inherently right or wrong. Instead, their appropriateness or inappropriateness is determined by the circumstances in which they occur.

Noah’s lie to Allie is an expression of love and respect, therefore it cannot be deemed as immoral. Noah then recounts his own experience to the readers, while they savor the joyous reunion between Allie and Noah, as her mind and memories are restored. This allows Allie and Noah to relish a day of being deeply in love once again, and it becomes a reunion for the readers as well. Readers have already experienced the profound love between them before, and now they revel in being part of another extraordinary event. However, as quickly as Noah and Allie are brought back together, their happiness is cruelly snatched away from them, and from the readers too.

The text portrays a poignant moment of despair, as a woman grapples with her inner demons while an elderly man, who loves her deeply, weeps quietly in a corner. This powerful scene elicits empathy for Noah among readers, as we share in his anguish and comprehend the root of his loneliness. The following morning, a nurse discovers them peacefully deceased in each other’s embrace. Nicholas Sparks’ ‘The Notebook’ is a narrative told on parallel planes – one unfolding in the present day, where Allie and Noah have aged and reside in a nursing home.

The story Noah reads from the notebook details how he and Allie met, fell in love, lost each other, and then miraculously found each other again. Sadly, their love story takes a tragic turn when Allie is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, but even this devastating disease is powerless against their love. The mood of the story can be both troubling and deeply sad due to the relentless progression of Allie’s illness. However, there is a prevailing sense of triumph despite the inevitable decline of Allie’s mind. Ultimately, love prevails against all odds, regardless of life’s persistent attempts to undermine it.

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