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Visit counters, flash animations and a long list of elements, which has not been used for years, gives a very negative image to the website, as users will believe that our website was designed years ago and we could not modernize it Due to lack of budget. Show your logo and corporate image in the right proportion We must know to what extent to apply your corporate image and display it on the website, without improvisations and according to a previous strategy. If it was not done well at the time, now, at the time of improving the web design, it is time to correct it. The logo of your company should help in the way, you want visitors to think of your business, and not in a bad way or ‘with shoehorn.’

Squeeze the graphic headings and their possibilities Thanks to the fact that we can access the Internet at a faster speed, more and more web designers use this type of resources which, used wisely and without abuse, contributes to transmit modernity, dynamism and, in general, a good impression to the web visitor. So, go ahead with these graphic resources when it comes to improving the design of the website! Use the text typography perfect for you Hardly any attention is paid to typography when making or improving the design of a web page. But experts are sure that, a successful change in the typography of the web page, although it seems a minor and subtle change, represents a great change in the sensations that our web page causes and its performance.

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There is a perfect typeface for each web page, you have to look for yours! Quality photographs; key to improve web design! The choice of photographs to show on the web is key in the image of our company on the Internet and to take into account to improve the design of the web. Use real and own professional photographs of your company but, if it is not possible, then opt for professional and paid professional photographs. Ideally, use real and professional photographs of your staff and products. But, if you cannot offer this type of material, at least avoid using free photographs as with a small amount of money, quality photographs can be purchased that adapts perfectly to any need. Offer video or audio presentations, your customer will love it!

No one can doubt the effectiveness of videos and audios within the web, as an element of support for the commercial message of the web and, as users have higher Internet access speeds, this type of video and audio presentation is increasingly used. Quality of our content, the basis for improving the web! This point should be as one of the main when it comes to improving web design. It may not be decisive in the first few seconds that a visitor enters our website, but it will be after that moment. A user who found quality content on his first visit will remember us positively and it is possible that he will come back on our website next time.

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