The Vasectomy Operation

You and your doctor are considering an operation called vasectomy,The operation consists of making two small surgical cuts in the scrotal sac (the bag that contains the testicles) cutting and typing up the tubes that carry the sprem or seed. Operation is usally performed to sterilize the pateint. A man who has been sterilized is unable to make a woman pregnant; he is unable to father a child.

This operation doses not have any effect on the man’s enjoyment of or his ability to have intercourse. A small percentage of patients do have psychological difficulties after having has a vasectomy. These mental difficulties could intrerfere with normal sexual function and normal social behavior. Your doctor cannot guarantee the results that might be obtsained from this operation. The vasectomy operation is quite simple , and the vast majority of patients do not have any problems during or after surgery.

The operation is usually done under a local anesthestic . This anesthetic is very afe, although rare reports of serve allergic reactions have appeared in the medical literature. Conceivably, a person could have stoppage and stop breathing from the effects of this anesthestic . A very small percentage of vasectomy operations are complicated by infection and damage to the testicles. However, it is not possible to advise you of every imaginable complication.

The negative effects referred to arevery unlikely.This form will merely ensure that your decision to have a vasectomy is not made in ignorance of the risks and side effects of this kind of operation. Until the doctor tests you after the operation and finds that you are sterile, you cannot engage in intercourse without the risk of making the women pregnant. Usually a vasectomy results in permanent sterility. If you should decide after the.

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