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Tinker of Toledo

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Long ago, there was a tinker, named Pedro, who came to the town of Toledo. Everyday, he would hear people talk about the haunted stone castle. People would say that everyone who came there never came back, died or vanished forever. So, he declared to the town people, that on All Hallow’s Eve, He will spend a whole night there and face this so called ghost. Everyone tried to stop him but Pedro did not change his mind. Just as he was getting ready, Miranda, Maria, Bianca, Riccardo, Costa, and Estaban came to him and tried to talk him out of his plan.

Still, there words could not make Pedro change his mind.

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Tinker of Toledo
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And so, they shifted to another topic and told Pedro that they will just be waiting on the castle gate tomorrow morning. Pedro was already getting hungry, so, the women gave him food for his possibly, last supper; bacon and milk from Blanca and Miranda, And Eggs from Costa.

He went his way. And when he was inside, while cooking his supper on the skillet, he heard strange sounds. He felt that it was the ghost, so, he invited the ghost to have dinner with him. The ghost told him to look out because he was coming. The ghost came out of the chimney, first, a leg, and then another leg then an arm, another arm, the body, and finally, the head.

The ghost put himself together and explained to Pedro why no one ever came back from his castle. He said that when his leg would come down, they would either be frightened to death or just simply run away. The ghost asked Pedro a favor and being the kind man that he was, Pedro did not refuse the favor. The ghost explained that he once stole three bags of coins from thieves and hid them all in his castle. When the thieves found him, they chopped his body up. The ghost told Pedro that he buried the three bags of coins by a tree in his courtyard.

They went out and Pedro started digging. He found the first bag, a bag of silver coins, next, a bag of copper, then lastly, a bag of gold coins. The ghost told Pedro to give the copper to the church, the silver to the poor and the gold, he could keep to himself. Pedro assured the ghost that he would do so. After that, the ghost vanished. Pedro slept in the castle and in the morning, just as he expected, he saw the gang out the gate. Everyone was so excited upon seeing Pedro. Pedro told them about what happened and after that, as he promised, he did what the ghost told him to do.

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