Titanic Evaluation Essay

Are you thinking about watching the film Titanic, but are worried it is just a boring reenactment of the sinking of the Titanic? Let me put your worries to rest by telling you this movie is an invigorating, heart wrenching, and thrilling film that will surely go down in history as a classic. If you find romance to be revolting this is certainly not the film for you. Each moment the main characters spend together is filled with passion, and the excitement of finding new love.

Titanic has all the redeeming qualities a film needs to be labeled as a great movie. Though this movie is a hefty 195 minutes it is well worth it.

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Titanic Evaluation
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Titanic is a superior film in the areas of acting, scenery, and story line though it is a bit long. The astonishing acting is enough to label this film as one of the best romantic dramas out there. Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet, who portray the two main characters, act so passionately towards each other it is hard to believe they are not real life lovers.

It was not the cheesy kind of love that is often found in other romantic dramas such as The Last Song, where Miley Cyrus had me convinced she was not capable of love. Not only were they outstanding at acting in love, they displayed a plethora of different emotions.

When the characters found out the Titanic was indubitably going to sink, I could see the fear in their eyes. When Leonardo’s character was framed to look like a thief I could hear the betrayal Kate’s character felt in the way she spoke. I knew what the characters where thinking without them saying anything, because of the way the actors carried themselves. These two actors gave a the performance of lifetime which is an attribute that really raised this movie above your average film. In the same way the acting made Titanic an exceptional film, the breathtaking scenery lifted this film to another level.

The scenery was not only beautiful, but it conveyed the emotion you were meant to feel in each scene. For example, the movie starts off underwater looking at the ship covered in mold, and you can see all of the things that got left behind. The best part is that this scene was actual footage taken of he sunken ship. It really puts you in the mindset of what a tragedy this really was. The next scene that was exceptionally astonishing was when the film went back in time when the ship had just been built. It was bright, colorful, and filled with the hustle and bustle of excitement, which made you feel hope and optimism.

Even though you know the outcome, the ship will endure you still feel exactly what the characters where feeling in each scene. The scenery really sets this film apart from other romantic dramas, because it magnifies what the actors are portraying. The acting and scenery would mean nothing to this film if they were not accompanied by an astounding story line. This story line surely takes you on an emotional roller coaster. You will laugh, cry, be angry, be excited, and most of all feel the true love between the two main characters.

The story-line is truly amazing because you are never bored. Even before there is any worry of the ship sinking there is almost a complete story within itself. You get to see how the characters fall in love, and what that means for not only them but also their families and peers. You get to experience the difference in the social classes of that time period, and what came along with having money. Yes, this movie is certainly a longer than your average film. So much happens before the ship ever hits the iceberg, I am surprised they were able to get the movie down to 195 minutes.

The length of the film just shows you how much going on throughout the movie, and every minute is entertaining. Without the qualities of great acting, scenery, and a superb story-line a film is bound to fail. In this films case it does not only have these qualities, but also it exceeds expectations. This is a film you can watch over and over, and each time you find something new. Yes, it is filled with romance! If you don’t like romance you will not like this movie, but if you like a good love story you will certainly fall in love with this film! This movie dare I say was probably the best romantic drama I have ever seen.

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