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HeSimilar Asks:
* How to make someone’s accomplishments into argumentative questions? – i have a final essay for canadian history, i have the topic of Lester B Pearson, and i chose to pick what accomplishments he has accomplished while being prime minister. the points i chose were- the canadian pension plan- student loans- the creation of the canadian flagPROBLEMthe organizer im filling out thats due tomorrow, asks
* Essay on The SS and the role it played in Nazi Germany.? – im doing an essay on the SS and the role in which it played within Nazi German society.

We are able to think up our own questions for each paragraph and then answer it (not question? questions, but ideas). I currently have 2 idea/questions,1: The Gestapo and the role it had had in
* What is the role of women as represented in art? – “Men Act Women Appear.” Berger wrote. Discuss the role of women as represented in art, photography or advertising through comparison and contrast of the work and intentions of at least three artists from 3 different time periods.

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What role did men play during the period being discussed, and how where they represented? At least one
* I need an essay title, needs to be controversial.? – Basically our teacher wants to see if we can write essays, but the title needs to be controversial and I’m one of those people who are generally apathetic on most things.Other titles have been:”Should smoking be illegal?””Is Barbie a good role model?”None of them I give a damn about, so various questions and topics would
* Any ideas for a light hearted persuasive essay topic? – So I have to write a 1-2 page persuasive paper about anything that is arguable. But I don’t really want to do anything that is too controversial like “mccain or obama would make a better president”. I want to do something like “Dogs really are better then cats” or “Chocolate cake is the best cake
* Hitler essay?! Need help PLEASE?!? – Ok so I’m doing a history essay about Hitler, and my.

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