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True Colours Assignment



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    I tend to become very excited about various events. I believe that compassion walks hand in hand with sympathy therefore I believe I am compassionate as well. As I mentioned, I cry when my friends or fictional characters are put in stressful situations. In addition to crying, I try my best to help or pretend to help with the situation. I give my best advice and give them an example of how I felt in a similar situation and how it turned out. I like to believe it helps them in one way or another.. I enjoy talking about my past experiences, my life journey, and anything in between.

    There are many more traits from the blue card that I associate myself with, however these are the words I found to be the most obvious. Secondary Color Traits Just as the blue card, there are many traits that I co-respond with for the orange card. I am very spontaneous. I tend to make decisions and plans on the go. I tend to do whatever is fun at the time and most times out of many I do not think of the consequences. A good example of this is when I decided a week in advance that I was going to go spend 4 days in New York City.

    I tend to be a “If it sounds fun lets do it” type of person. Another trait in which I believe I co-respond with is generous. I believe being generous is a large factor in being a good citizen. Vie back to my community by volunteering with various organizations. I have volunteered with or for Girl Guides of Ontario, the Ronald McDonald House Charities, Funnyman’s Chills for Echo, the Diabetes Walk 2013, as well as many other great organizations. Another trait I co-respond with is optimism. I tend to look at the positives in the most negative situations.

    I believe I do this to numb my emotions towards the situations or to get other people to not think of the negative situation anymore. It is also a way to convince myself that a negative situation is able to turn positive. An example of a time I did this was when my mother was diagnosed with Stage 4 Lung Cancer in February 2013. The doctors had told her she had up to 6 months to live and I persisted that she had more and that she was going to live through it, while the rest of my family planned her funeral, etc. She is now still alive.

    She is, however, still undergoing chemo but she is still here and I believe it is because of my optimism throughout all the negative talk that helped her push through. Impact of my Color Pallet Blue Card The first trait I described from the blue card was sympathetic. It will be important in my practices to be mildly sympathetic therefore the client will know I care and want to help. However, I will have to understand where to draw the line. Am a very emotional person and will need to create a boundary for myself so I do not become overly sympathetic.

    The second trait I described from the blue card is enthusiasm. Being enthusiastic in our profession is extremely important especially when working with children. I believe it will be a challenge for me to understand when is an appropriate time to be enthusiastic and what I should be enthusiastic about. The third trait I described from the blue card is impassioned. I believe being compassionate is one of the largest factors of being a Child and Youth Worker.

    Being there for someone during a situation or situations and doing your best to help them through it is our main goal. I believe the hardest thing for me is going to be creating boundaries for both the client and I by understanding it is a professional relationship and not giving my personal experience advice that am so used to giving. The last trait I described from the blue card is communication. Communicating is another large factor in being a Child and Youth Worker. You will learn how to communicate with clients on a professional level as well as your coworkers.

    I think my biggest challenge will be understanding what type of communication is appropriate for my clients and what communication is appropriate for my coworkers. This I know will be something I am able to recognize quite quickly upon working in the field. Orange Card The first trait that I described from the orange card is spontaneous. I think this will be a very helping tool when dealing with on the spot counseling. However, I will need to learn to be more organized at times as well to show my clients I am professional. The second trait I described from the orange card is generous.

    I am going to be generous with resources to help my client with whatever they may need, however boundaries will need to be set in order for them not to take advantage of me. Believe this is going to be the hardest of all for me. The last trait from the orange card that described is optimism. I will teach my clients why optimism is so important and how wishful thinking will help in almost all situations. The challenge will be explaining to them that although you are optimistic you will not always get what you want and will have to work hard to get it.

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