Twenty Yard Line

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Bob was a athlete. He was highly immense. He looked like Grizzly Adams in a bad temper on steroids. His whole life was football. All twelvemonth unit of ammunition he practiced football. He ran two stat mis and lifted weights for two hours every twenty-four hours merely to remain in form. When he stood on the field, you could state people were scared. When he collided with other participants the sound traveled to the top of the bowl.

It was the first twenty-four hours of school and Bob was ready for the football season to get down. He was bigger and stronger than last twelvemonth. When it came to pattern he would sometimes non wear tablets to go tougher.

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The first game of the season was over and Bob played amazing. He started at running back and line backer. He scored five touchdowns and rushed for over 350 paces. He broke the school record for figure of pokes in one game. The old record was five pokes in one game, Bob got ten. No 1 could believe how good he was.

The following game was against their biggest challenger. This was Bob’s most of import game and he would make anything to win. The other squad besides had a star participant like Bob. They both brought great sums of endowment and exhilaration to their several squads. It was clip for the game to get down and both squads were ready to play.

The game started and the Bombers, Bob’s squad, were on defence. The other squad had the ball on their twenty-yard line. It was the first drama of their thrust when it all happened. The ball was snapped and it was a tally to the exterior. Bob had himself locked on the other squads star participant who was coming around the backfield with the ball. He was running at full velocity merely as Bob was. They both met at the line of scrimmage. Their caputs smashed. The noise was so loud that everyone in the bowl turned rapidly to see what had happened. Some fans even thought it was the sound of a gunfire. Each participant flew in the opposite way from which they were coming. The fans vitamin D and ’vitamin D and cheered as though they had won the game. No 1 could believe what they had merely seen.

All of a sudden a moving ridge of silence hit the bowl. Not a individual individual spoke. Neither Bob nor Tyson, the other star participant, moved. They lay at that place as if they were dead. Time was go throughing and at least 10 proceedings had gone by, and still neither participant had moved an inch. Surprisingly there was motion and Bob moved his leg, so his arm, so his caput, and he easy started to acquire up. It took a twosome proceedings for him to be helped off the field. Peoples cheered for him because he was OK. Tyson, the other participant, still put on the land without traveling a musculus. The ambulance came and he instantly taken to the infirmary. From that point on the remainder of the game was really slow and methodical. Everyone went through the gestures, but no 1 showed any energy or enthusiasm. After the game, everyone went place alternatively of the usual parties and jubilations.

This was Bob’s last twelvemonth and he didn’t want to acquire injured because he wanted to acquire a college scholarship for football. Bob could non take his head off the thought that it could be him in the Hospital instead than Tyson. It turned out that Tyson was in a coma, and was non in good form.

The following game Bob played, but he wasn’t the Grizzly Adams on steroids like earlier. He wasn’t hitting people hard, and he would fall before anyone was able to hit him. The following six games were this manner and the Bombers lost every game.

Bob ever went to the infirmary to see Tyson, even though he was in a coma. He felt like he owed him that much. About seven hebdomads after the hurt had happened, Bob went to see Tyson. It seemed merely like every other visit, nevertheless this clip when Bob approached the bed Tyson opened his eyes. Bob was frightened and called for the nurse. Tyson was coming out of his coma. Bob’s past seven hebdomads were really difficult on him, because he could merely believe of Tyson in the infirmary.

Because of Tyson’s recovery, Bob was able to return back to normal. He had five games to demo the college scouts how good he could play. During the following five games he was awesome. He broke every school record that he could. Every college wanted him.

Nebraska was his college of pick. When he got their, he was in great form and ready for the season to get down. In preseason patterns, he showed his endowments, and the managers were impressed. He was traveling to get down as running back in the first game of the season. Everyone was so aroused that they would hold a good squad because of Bob.

It was the dark before the first game and Bob and a twosome of his friends were headed out for the dark. They were on their manner to a party where they would hang out for a few hours. While driving at that place, they were hit by a rummy driver traveling 70 stat mis per hr. It was merely like the hit that injured Tyson, but this clip it was the autos that flew in opposite waies. Both autos exploded ant explosion into fires. Everyone was killed.

Who knows what Bob could hold done with his football calling. He likely would hold been the greatest football participant of all clip. But he was killed at age 19 by a rummy driver.

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