Twilight: Book and Movie Comparison

Book explains more about bella and where she is from arizona, sunny vilie, attends high school, and her mom just married a pro baseball player and how she is a new changed person after she remarried from bellas father then mentions how she is getting ready to go stay with her dad in arizona| * The movie start with her getting in the car leaving to organ with her dad and doesn’t explain anything about who she is| * The book says less about her and her dad’s relationship and makes bella more distant towards him. * In the movie bella show more effort in having some kind of relationship and express more to him when she talks| * The book is more based on her at school and talks about how she feels at school. | * In the movie there is only a few scene where she is at school and it shows her not really talking just being an outcast to everyone. | * The book explains how the high school had scheduled Bella for an article on front page school newspaper because she is a new student coming from a big city an transforming to a small little town in forks. After all bella talks to school editer and gets him to not post her in newspaper. * In movie her first day it shows that the editor of news paper has a crush and becomes her friend and she also get him to not print the newsletter on her| * The book also explains about the town more and the history she has with it | * The movie doesn’t really say how much history she has with this town just talks about the little moments that she remembers when she was a little girl. | * She meets Jacob cause her dad is best friends with Jacobs father| * The movie is the same she meets Jacob because her dads is friends with his dad. | | |

In most successful novels, either a movie or TV show is made based on it. However, the book does not act as a script for the visual picture. Throughout the movie, viewers that read the book prior can spot many differences. Although many are minor differences, some greatly impact the storyline. In the book Twilight by Stephenie Meyer, differences from the movie such as Alice’s characterization, the technology, and the setting of where certain events happen change the original story. A major difference between the book and the movie was the characterization of

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Alice. Alice, in both the book and the movie, is Edward Cullen’s adoptive sister. Bella’s description in the book made me imagine Alice as much different then as the movie portrayed her. When Bella first sees her she described her as being a short girl that was pixie-like, thin in the extreme, with small features. Her hair was deep black, cropped short and pointing in every direction. Further into the book, Alice develops into a character that is seen as being an optimistic person that is usually in a joyful and happy-go-lucky mood.

However, in the movie, when Alice first walks into the cafeteria, she is almost like a different character. Jasper, her soulmate, who is described in the book as being six foot three, is only a few inches taller than Alice who is supposed to be four foot ten. Her hair was surprisingly tame for someone who I expected to look almost like a punk. Throughout the movie, Alice seemed unexpectedly serious. She didn’t really joke around like a person that is always in a joyful mood should. Although she did show her optimistic side by telling Bella they’ll be great friends when they first meet.

Therefore, Alice’s character gave the movie a different feel to it than the book intended. Read more in Book Talk Another difference in was the devices Bella used. In the book, Bella listens to her music through a portable CD player. However, in the movie, Bella is seen using an iPod. Although this seems like a minor difference, it changes the stories setting. With Bella using a CD player, it makes the story’s setting to be more in the past. The Sony Walkman was popular in the US in the 1980’s and 1990’s. With this in mind, the reader imagines the style of houses and cars to be more old-fashioned.

In the movie, everything is modern. The Cullen’s house in the book is said to be white and old-fashioned. However in the movie, the house is seen to be brown very modern. The inside is furnished with new designer couches and the closes are full of expensive clothing. The kitchen is full of new appliances. Therefore, the technology Bella uses changes the setting of the story. Lastly, the places where Bella and her father ate were different. In the book, Bella cooked all the meals at home. This gave her a chance to bond with her father as Charlie would help out.

In the book, the relationship between Bella and Charlie improved with every meal and other activities they did together. In one of the earlier chapters, Bella went fishing with her father and states she was genuinely happy to spend time with her dad before starting school. In the movie, Bella ate with Charlie at the diner. It was always shown with one of them in a rush to leave. Their relationship seemed weaker in the movie. The two did not do anything together throughout the movie other than eat at the diner. Their weak bond showed when Bella left Forks without too much regret.

Therefore, where Bella ate with her dad changed their relationship. Ultimately, all movies have differences from their printed counterparts. Even minor details make big impacts. Alice’s characterization, the technology, and the setting where Bella eats can change what made Twilight readers enjoy the book. #2 I like most people loved the book before I even seen the movie. The book of course is five hundred plus words. The movie is just around 2 hours so the movie had to leave out some scenes and shorten roles in order to fit the time limit.

So after hours of reading and watching the movie a thousand times I feel safe to compare and contrast the differences I found. First lets start with the book and then finish with the movie. In the book the biggest difference is the three vampires who only show up when Bella is playing baseball with the Cullens. In the book, Bella and Edward met, and were both immediately intrigued by the other just from the first sight. After the van incident, they were hostile but still couldn’t keep themselves from wanting to be close to the other. And then, over a while, tensions give.

There are days and days and details upon details describing how these two find themselves unexplainably and helplessly in love with each other, no matter what. -In the book, vampires glow in the daylight so much that they can’t even go out in public without the most oblivious person seeing this phenomenon. But in the book, Tyler asks Angela. In Midnight Sun, there is a whole chapter where Edward purposely convinces Tyler to do this as Edward’s gift for Angela. In the book (and in Midnight Sun), it was a big deal that Bella was so ridiculously perceptive of Edward.

She guessed he was a vampire, she was the only one to notice his eye change, she guessed he could read minds, she guessed he couldn’t read hers. The book focuses drastically on the fact that Edward must take such a long time to ever be able to safely touch Bella, and he is always extremely hesitant of Bella’s constant advances, much to her dismay. Mr. Banner (biology teacher) from the book has been re-named to Mr. Molina in the movie. In the book, Victoria has fire red hair, while James and Laurent have short, cropped hair.

Also, Laurent is described as having olive toned skin. In the movie the three vampires are around from about the time Bella arrives. . In the movie, she stares at him for 5 minutes in the lunchroom, they have 3 minutes of awkwardness in Bio, a 2 minute awkward hallway talk, and then they’re dating. So later in the story, when Edward says something like joking about her as food or something else equally as creepy, the audience doesn’t realize that Bella can’t be creeped out by this because she loves him so much; they just think she’s some idiot girl.

And it made Edward seem like a complete creeper because they kept in all the stuff about him watching her at night, admiting how he likes watching her, and other stuff like that which would’ve been not so weird if his standpoint were actually illustrated in the movie. In the movie, they kind of have some glittery stuff on their skin, no more than if a regular person was attacked by a stripper. In the movie, Angela said she asked Tyler out.

In the movie, she only notices the eyes and only realizes he’s a vampire after the dinner in Port Angeles (or rather whatever different town name they used in the movie). In the movie, Edward all of the sudden comes on to Bella out of the blue in her room. He says something like, “I wanna try something… ” and he just makes out with her intensely. He doesn’t show any signs of resisting at all untill they’re about to take all their clothes off. Their appearances are different in the movie.

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