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Us History 2 Research Paper Some Essay

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Us History 2 Essay, Research Paper

Some ideas and observations refering the FFA Brd. of Directors Meeting over the weekend.

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Us History 2 Research Paper Some
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Financially, the Nebraska FFA is in good status. There are about $ 40,000 sitting in militias, approximately $ 52,000 available for usage as needed & # 8211 ; this is numbering the $ 40,000 in modesty.

The new national award applications will be mailed out to each of us the terminal of July or early Aug. They will get on CD-ROM discs. You will happen that the inquiries in the beginning narrative have been reworded.

They will all be Microsoft Excell templates. All are free. A inquiry was raised about compatibility with MacIntosh & # 8211 ; reply was unknown so those of you with Apple systems may desire to make some checking on that.

A memoranda of understanding between the FFA and 4-H was adapted but non without considerable treatment. This is non something new. It existed a long clip ago and this is merely an updated and revised version. Dr. Ward signed the most recent anterior version of it.

I voted for this memoranda.

Two cardinal statements in this memoranda raised the most concern: & # 8220 ; For intents of exhibition, this means an animate being can merely be nominated and shown in one organisation or the other, non both. & # 8221 ; It seems that in some counties when beef animate beings are tagged at weigh-in, they are tagged both 4-H and FFA, one in one ear, one in the other. Other & # 8217 ; s merely manus a ticket to the proprietor, frequently two, and they can label them before a show whichever manner they want to travel. I & # 8217 ; m non cognizant of any of that in our country and I do believe that where awards are sought from both organisations & # 8211 ; what is 4-H should be 4-H and what is FFA should be FFA.

The 2nd statement did non have much treatment: & # 8220 ; When engagement degree does non justify separate competitions in the same subject country, the competitions may be held simultaneously. & # 8221 ; This appears to be normally go oning in many county carnivals and shows across the province already.

State FFA Convention was reviewed. I didn & # 8217 ; t believe anything new came from the reappraisal. The agenda we received ear

lier remains reasonably much integral – minor alterations merely. Buss – there will be 5 running at cardinal times, forenoon, midday, and late afternoon. There will be 3 the remainder of the clip. Animal Science and the Cornhusker will be the lone Michigan. JUDGES ARE NEEDED FOR THE LEADERSHIP SKILLS EVENTS. If you know person, reach the State Office. Ken, I did raise your concerns about extra supervising and the extra costs. Not much reaction.

State Degree was discussed, and cussed. Not much was accomplished since no 1 was at that place with any concrete suggestions for alteration or alteration. I believe the jobs are going more and more prevailing and I think today there are, at least five and possibly seven, who truly are concerned that State Degrees are being granted to people who truly haven & # 8217 ; t earned that award. We are besides seeing more territory reappraisal squads that are non systematically measuring all campaigners. So, what is of import in the State Degree reappraisal state of affairs? The lone suggestions of substance was that all Board Members come to the July meeting able to reply that inquiry with the feelings of their territory. I will seek to throw out some suggestions subsequently from my position but don & # 8217 ; t wait & # 8211 ; you can get down this treatment every bit easy as I & # 8211 ; and the electronic mail is the manner to make it for now. At some point, Mike needs to draw us together and we all need to discourse & # 8211 ; and curse & # 8211 ; the procedure and give me some way. An observation, from the entreaties we reviewed, I & # 8217 ; m non as concerned about the record book as I am about the record maintaining patterns being carried out. No affair what we do with a record book, if people try to shortcut the accretion of FACTS, we still stop up with debris!

The new web site is partly up and will be completed shortly. ne.aged.org Give it a attempt and allow me cognize.

Powerpoint is accepted for ocular AIDSs in the LSE & # 8217 ; s.

The cost of MFE was discussed. There is a postponed gesture to drop MFE and travel to two leading labs to keep costs down. MFE this twelvemonth sent $ 24,750 to the National FFA from Nebraska. Motel costs are besides a concern. Interesting.

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