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William Shakespeare, the best-known figure in Renaissance literature, if no T all of literature, was born April 23, 1564 in Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire, a town near London. His male parent John Shakespeare, held many occupations, from leather goods salesman to ale taste tester, climaxing in a place as Stratford’s High Bailiff, or town city manager. Shakespeare’s female parent, Mary Arden Shakespeare, had eight kids with John.

Because Shakespeare’s parent’s s were good away, he was able to atten grammar school- a luxury non every family could afford in 16th century England. For those vitamin E who could afford it, nevertheless, a quality grammar school rivaled any school, mentioning tath no records exist to verify his instruction, but he clearly was non a self-taught mastermind. His cognition of the universe and human psychological science did non come from the streets, but from the authorship of Seneca, Cicero, Ovid and Virgil. Shakspeare married at age 18 to Ann Hathwey of Stratford, who was eight old ages older.

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The day of the month was November 28, 1582. Their first kid, Susanna, was born May 26, 1583, merely six months after the nuptials. They even had twins-Judith and Hamnet-were born February 2, 1585. Thaey were named for the twosome’s neighbours and womb-to-tomb friends. In the late 1580’s, Shakespeare moved his household to London, where he served as a theatre learner, managing everything from direction ot H2O the Equus caballuss. It wasn’t until 1592 that he began to accomplish differentiation as an histrion and dramatist.

In 1593, he became a published poet with the long narrative verse forms Venus and Adonis and The Rape of Lucrece. He wrote these verse forms because the pestilence, which was oppressing London, had closed all the theatres. Shakespeare began composing dramas, for the Lord Chamberline’s Men acdting company, when the theatre was reopened. Lord Chamberlain’s Men was the most of import company of participants in all of England.

In 1598, the company built a warmer across the Thames River from London and named it the Globe. Queen Elizabeth I became a strong protagonist and attended may of the Globe’s public presentations. With the accession of James I in March of 1603, the company received royal backing and was renamed the King’s Men. Skakespeare began composing comedies and histories, utilizing bing narratives and histories as his Source stuff. His first dramas, The Comedy of Mistakes and Titus Andronicus were highly successful. With the publication of Henry VI, Richard III, Love’s Labor Lost and Two Gentlemans of Verona, Shakespeare reveived critical acclamation and esteem signifier fellow dramatists such as John Lilly and Christopher Marlowe.

During a public presentation field-grade officer Henry VIII in 1613, a flicker from a cannon used to denote King Henry’s entryway caught the Globe Theater’s thatch roof on fire. The full construction burned, but was rebuilt in 1614 with a tile roof. The Globe continued to rule the theatre scene until 1642, when Puritan forced it to shut. It was torn down two old ages subsequently and put outing was built on the site.

William Shakespeare died in Stratford on his birthday in 1616. Although the ground for his decease has ne’er been confirmed, many theories abound. The most comon is that he died of a febrility contracted after a dark of heavy imbibing with fellow author Ben Johnson and Michael Drayton. What is known for certain is that Shakespeare was ill before his decease and retired from drama composing between 1612 and 1613. Common pattern in those years was to delve up organic structures once a cemetery was full and fire them. William detested this cutom and wro the following epitaph:

Good friends, for Jesus’sake forebear, To delve the castanets enclosed here! Blest be the adult male that spares these rocks, And curst be he that moves my castanets.

He was buried April 25, 1616 and harmonizing to his wants, his organic structure has ne’er been removed from its resting topographic point.

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