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The Third of Eight Winter Camps

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War is hard, but not a hardship worth quitting for. In December 1777-1778, General George Washington made his winter camp at Valley Forge, Pennsylvania. The British army under General Howe was only a few miles away in Philadelphia. Washington now has a problem because many of his men have signed up to fight for only nine months. Their terms are now coming to an end. After thinking long and hard I am deciding to reenlist for three main causes, lack of soliders due to illness, loyalty to my country, and belief in winning for pride.

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The Third of Eight Winter Camps
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Due to the number of sickness and death in the camp I realize that I need to keep fighting. It is February 1, 1778 and about one-half of Washington’s army are sick During the winter, between 1800 and 2500 have died as a result of illness.  Many soldiers also have ripped clothing and no shoes.  I could have reconsidered as to being part of the army because my parents need a lot of help on the burden for the farm and to say the truth the numbers of death are sky high.

Also the conditions for the army seem to worsen year by year.

Yet I chose to reenlist because helping my team can help me. An alternative reason I am signing up for is to be loyal to my government. Several weeks ago a fine group of fellows called the Committee of Correspondence arrived at Valley Forge. Our first visit together was us in rags and them in fine clothes. The army is beginning to grow sick and fatigue, yet they are showing a Spirit of Alacrity and contentment I wasn’t quite sure who the nicely dressed people were but once they began helping us out I knew right away that I will sign up.

This is because the Committee makes me feel that the government cares and someone is listening. Also, the fact that the sick are trying to get their knees off their ground for battle shows that I should fight for them at least. For their encouragement and the sake of our country. Finally, I am reenlisting because I am no “summer soldier” who is going to let freedom easily slip off my grab. I agree with Thomas Paine, “What we obtain is too cheap, we esteem too lightly. ”

Since, I really want to freedom from Britain I need to be willing to pay the price. In other words, I need to work hard and to help the army to win. If I don’t reenlist next year then maybe my army would never win freedom or even lose it and be shattered. Freedom is worth the price. Lack of soldiers due to sickness, loyalty to the government, and belief in winning for pride are some of the few reasons that I want to reenlist. I will do the job to get our freedom and make my army proud!

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