Vampire vs Werewolves

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Out of all the fabulous animals in the universe the most common and the most known fabulous animals are lamias and wolfmans. And where there are lamias there are most likely traveling to be wolfmans. So now allow me state you some of the similarities and differences between lamias and wolfmans which you may or may non cognize. Vampires and wolfmans are both fabulous existences created in the ancient times but have now become extremely popular in today’s twenty-four hours and age. This is because of the legion novels. telecasting shows and films about them.

Both. lamias and wolfmans are animals of darkness. Peoples associate them with bloodshed and slaying. Both lamias and wolfmans kill human existences for their endurance. Vampires drink human blood and werewolves eat human flesh to last. Vampires and wolfmans are ace strong and super-fast. You can non run from them because they are faster than you and you can non conceal from them because they can likely smell you out. Apart from this lamias and wolfmans can non be killed easy. They recover from any hurt within seconds. But like all other animals they have their ain failings.

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Vampires can be slowed down with an herb called verbena and for wolfmans it is wolfsbane. A wooden interest in the bosom will kill a lamia and a silver slug to the bosom will kill wolfman. These two animals are more different than similar. First. lamias and wolfmans are condescending enemies. To go a lamia 1 has to decease foremost. They have to decease with lamia blood in their system and so when they are woken up from their decease they need to feed on human blood in order to finish their passage. Anyone who wishes to be a lamia can go one. But going a wolfman is familial.

The wolfman cistron has to be passed on to you to go a wolfman. So even if you do non desire to go a wolfman and you have the wolfman cistron in you. you will go one. Because the lamia has died before going one. his/her bosom does non crush. And if it does non crush it will non pump blood. So vampires drink human blood to last. The 2nd difference is that lamias are burned by the Sun and wolfmans can merely transform when there is a full Moon. This is known as the Sun and the Moon expletive. There are some powers that lamias have that wolfmans do non hold.

Vampires have the power to oblige human existences. intending that they can state you what to make and you have to obey them. You are under their entire control. Unfortunately. wolfmans have no similar powers. Besides the blood of lamias can bring around any homo of hurt. If you are severely hurt and about to decease lamia blood can salvage your life. But so once more lamias can non come in your house unless they are invited in. So you have to be careful who you invite into your house. Because one time invited they can non be uninvited. Besides one bite from a wolfman can kill a lamia.

Vampire bites do non hold any consequence on wolfmans. Another particular property of lamias is that they can turn off their emotions. In my sentiment I think this is bad because if you turn off your emotions. you turn off your humanity. So you feel no love. no hatred no choler. no felicity. At that clip you are merely a animal without a psyche. Personally I prefer lamias over wolfmans because foremost. you can take to go a lamia but you can non take to go a wolfman. Second. a lamia can merely last on the blood of animate beings and so you do non hold to kill human existences for nutrient.

Whereas wolfmans can non command what they eat because they are non in their right frame of head when they turn into wolfmans. Finally. a lamia can oblige human existences so you can do a human being make whatever you want him or her to make. Besides you can ever be a lamia each and every twenty-four hours. throughout the whole twenty-four hours. Even in the Sun you are vampire though you can non travel out. But when you are a wolfman. you are a wolfman merely one time a month. when there is a full Moon. So which monster would you instead take to be. a lamia or a wolfman?

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